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Course Details of Education Point Society

Competetion Test:


M.B.A as a career

M.B.A Entrance test. It sounds very clichd to state that MBA has emerged as the most sought after degree for post-graduation. Nevertheless, there is no disputing this fact. The reasons for this overwhelming choice are very obvious.

Firstly, the degree is a professional one and hence almost guarantees a job for the degree holder. The Indian economy in the last 10 years has opened its doors to liberalization globalization.

This has opened new vistas increased demand for people who will look at Corporate India as the chosen arena for building their careers. This is where the MBA course comes in by providing the basic foundation of Business Management for the budding minds.lt Masters in Business Administration is a two-year program.

It is perhaps the most sought after professional course, along with engineering and medicine. The fact that nearly 1.90 lakh students took the Common Admission Test (CAT) in 2006 for securing one of the 1400 seats in the prestigious Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) is evidence enough that Management as a career option is here to stay. The best thing that has happened with a booming economy is that a large number of management institutes have come up in different states. Though not in the same league as the IIMs or other top institutes, these institutes do provide a decent education.

They also offer reasonable placements. Many colleges which offer seats under the CET of Mahrashtra or the ICET of Andhra Pradesh fall under this category. lt For students who choose to take either of these exams, there are thousands of seats in different B-schools across Mahrashtra and Andhra Pradesh on offer.
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M.C.A as Gateway to global IT

MCA Entrance Test(Tips)" MCA Entrance tests are unique in the sense that the attributes required to clear it are more than to meet the eye. Not only is knowledge important, a capacity to stay cool under time constraint is also required. Intelligence is no doubt crucial but a knack for basic common sense plays an equally important role. We will try to explain these factors and their role in a successful attempt at the MCA Entrance examinations.The golden tips to solve a Test Paper to score maximum marks:

Although each person has his/her strong/weak areas and tries to attempt the paper as per his/her strengths/weaknesses, still, if possible, you should follow the following points to exploit your potential to the fullest.Always scan the test paper first in about 1 minute and then only start solving. Apply the S-S-S-S approach - that means Scan-Search-Select-Solve. Always attempt the easiest questions (or at least those which you think are the easiest) first. Never ever spend disproportionately large time on any one question. Neglect the elements of surprise/tough questions in the beginning. The examiners tend to give you the toughest questions in the beginning or the end of a section to frustrate you.

Always look for questions which are easiest Do not get stuck on a tough puzzle or reasoning type questions. Solve as many questions as you can using the choices. Develop the art of eliminating wrong answer choices by approximation / intelligent guesses. Be very fast at mental calculations. Do as little rough work as possible as the space given in the examination is very limited. Remember, all these exams demand on your part to strike a very mature balance between speed and accuracy. If you try to go exceptionally fast, you will commit not only mistakes but blunders and if you are too cautious about your accuracy, you may just fail to reach the desired cutoff. Read the directions VERY carefully. Otherwise be ready to lose a lot of marks otherwise duly deserved. Memory plays the most important role in any Maths based test. Make sure you revise the theory and standard results at least 5 times before the test. Always try to solve the paper in 2 rounds. In the first round, solve the direct formulae based problems and in the second round solve the calculative problems. Be thorough with various mathematical formulae so that you can save time in the first round which can be utilized in the second round. Take a good nights sleep before going for the actual test. Take this point very seriously. Dont study anything just prior to your exam, keep the mind light and fresh. Dont forget to take your Admit Card, HB pencils, watch, sharpener, eraser and the other absolutely essential prerequisites. The most important of all - trust you and your capabilities and never forget that you are the sole beneficiary of your efforts so make it a knock-out attempt.
Industrial Training

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Banking Test Prep Course Description Bank Probationary Officers Exam as the name suggests, is meant to select personnel for prestgious and high profile jobs in the banking sector. In the light of new competition in the banking industry, it is necessary to strengthen the management of the public sector banks. Probationary Officers play a major role in the role in the current scenario in the modern day banking. The prestige and the responsibility attached with the job has been a center of attraction for the youth. The institute offers this preparation course to the students. Eligibility: The minimum qualification required is a 3 years Bachelors Degree in any discipline from a recognized university. It may change depending on Bank to bank e.g. Some Banks also ask for a minimum percentage in lt

Admission Procedure:The first bottle neck towards the banking career is written test which will comprise of Objective and Descriptive type tests.Interview : Once students have cleared the first hurdle, they will be called for a grueling round of interview.The panel of experts will be testing students on their educational background, general awareness and personality traits like leadership skills, managerial skills etc.
Competetion Exams Education point society for Competitive Examinations started with a vision to enhance the knowledge base of students by developing their analytical skills and ability competitive acumen in order to succeed in competitive examinations. It is the fastest growing training institute, and is acknowledged for its dedicated teaching, quality study material, success rate and results. Today, it is counted as one among the most powerful and reliable brands in the various Entrance domain of the country like B.Ed Entrance , J.E.T , Railway Entrance , SSC Etc.
TET Coaching in jalandhar
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Computer Courses

EPS(Society for Information Technology Development) is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified National IT Development Organisation that works towards achieving its goal of creating a digitally enabled nation. EPS offers specialised education and training programmes in IT that focus on honouring the students skills and equip them to adapt to the requirements of the industry / company. With meticulously designed courseware, hands-on experience and protocol-based teaching and training methodologies, EPS offers its students the finest opportunity for a rewarding career.

A sampling across our array of courses shows that each course is in tune with the need of the hour. The ultimate goal is to create a computer literate and a computer aware society, so that anything anywhere in the world is accessible to anybody anywhere in India, at just a click of the button. The various short term & long term courses offered by EPS are as follows: Long Term Courses

CTTC (Computer Teacher Training Course)- 1 year We believe that a strong foundation will go a long way in changing the face of the future. Precisely why we have designed this one-year specialised Computer Teacher Training Course that would fulfill our goal of creating a computer literate society. CTTC aims to fill the yawning gap that urrently exists in imparting education and creating employment opportunities. Computer Hardware and Networking 6 months

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CPA (Computer Programming and Applications)- 1 year Whether you are new to computer programming or an experienced programmer, these computer programming courses offer the best in self-paced training for both the beginner and advanced developer. Learn to program with todays most popular development languages, platforms, and applications such as ASP.NET, Visual Basic . 1 year

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CHT (Computer Hardware and NetWorking)- 1 year The programme trains students in soft skills, presentation skills, fluency in English, personality development training and even yoga which allows students to develop great focus and concentration. 1 year

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In this era of IT, apart from software techniques recent studies have revealed that the job opportunities in Hardware and networking sector is growing in potential. This course offer the students a complete idea with regard to the computer hardware & peripherals and networking installations etc. Through this course the students are given options to choose their career in the field of sales and service units, manufacturing units as well as in organizations Laptop PC Hardware and Networking- 8 months EPS is the first educational institution to come up with Laptop PC Hardware & Networking. The Course provides the student with basic knowledge of the proper installation, configuration, upgrading, diagnosing, troubleshooting and repairing of microcomputer hardware.

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Retail Management- 5 months The over all aim of the course is to equip students to meet the demand emerging presently in the retailing section of India. The course familiarizes the students how the broad range of functional areas delivers the desired retail preposition to the custom applied to different retail types and retails of different sizes. The course will adapt the students for setting a competitive stance to be taken in the well managed stores and systems and how to compliment the custom experience. Entrepreneurship Development 6 months This course has been designed to equip individuals with the right skills required for a successful career in Retail. It will be found useful by both the student and professional communities. The course is for personnel who want to start their own business enterprises. It comprehensively covers all the aspects required for starting a small business namely, operations management, general management, financial management & project report. Computerised Professional Accounting Course (C-PAC)- 6 months

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It is evident that the responsibility of the accountants has undergone a change from acting merely as a traditional accountant to a business advisor. With technology playing a crucial role in industries, accountants must be prepared to provide services in the changing technology environment. Thus realizing the situation, EPS research wing has launched a unique training package named, C-PAC (Computerised Professional Accounting Course). Professional in Multimedia:1 year/6 months EPS Multimedia division is devoted to produce highly-skilled professionals for the computer- generated (CG) animation. With world class creative talent& technological capabilities, our goal is to supply the industry with most competent professionals to deliver great work, breathtaking visual imagery & a sensibility that appeal to masses. With each student who passes out of our organization, we strive to achieve sophistication & irreverence that appeals to the widest audience possible & Captures the imaginations of all people regardless of the age and education.

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Short Term Course
Ms-Office Auto Cad Photoshop with Visual Editing DTP ( Desk Top Publishing ) course in VB with Basic Computer course in Programming -C/ C++/ Basic Java with Basic Computer Blue J course in Office Management & Interview Preparation course In Software Application DDTP ( course in Desk Top Publishing ) Crash Course in Office Maintenance DPV ( course In Programming Vidya ) DIT ( course In Information Technology ) CMO ( course In MS- Office ) DADTP ( course Adv. Desk Top Publishing ) CMCV ( course In Modern Computer Vidya ) CDTV ( course In Desk Top Publishing Vidya ) ACBP ( Adv. course In Basic Programming ) Oracle course in Graphic Designing Cetificate in Web Designing DBM-course In Business Management DOA-course in Office Automation PGDTP - Post Graduate course in Desk Top Publishing course in Software Testing DIPDE - course in Information Process and Data Entry Computer Fundamentals & Operations Computer Hardware HTML/DHTML DCP DCT DWD Client Server Technology Using Oracle & Developer 200 Visual foxpro programming & Application Development JAVA,J2EE Certificat in Manual Testing & Automation Course MS Office &Programming COA : - course in Office Applications FLASH & PHOTOSHOP MDIT (Master course in Information Technology) course in Computer Technology Basic Computer & Personality Development course in Programming Languages course in Computer Operating & Documentation course in P.C. Maintainance DHT ( course In Hardware Technology ) ADHT ( Advance course In Hardware Technology ) Computer Maintenance & repairing Networking Technology Network Administration Using Windows Nt-4 DCA ( course In Computer Application) course In Computer Application ADCA ( Advance course In Computer Application ) Master of course In Computer Application PGDCA ( PG course In Computer Application ACCA ( Adv. course In Computer Application) DFA ( course In Financial Accounting) ADFA ( Advance course in Financial Accounting ) course In Computerised Accounting Course course In Financial Accounting Advance course In Financial Accounting course In Advance Computerised Accounting Course DAP ( course In Accounting Programming ) CFAS ( course In Financial Accounting System ) DOA & FA - course in Office Automation & Financial Accounting Basic Software Application ADSA (Advance course In Software Application) DACS ( course In Adv. Computer Software ) CACS ( course In Adv . Computer Software ) DSD ( course Software Development ) PGDSE-Post Graduate course In Software Engineering PGDST-Post Graduate course In Software Technology Advance Courses For Accountants & Tax Professionals ==========


Entry Profile :
Hesitant Individual who is not fluent in Spoken English and lacks self - Confidence.
Exit Profile :
A Confident Public Speaker with excellent fluency in English. 
Course Contents : 

  • Vocabulary Improvement
  • Sentence Formation
  • Speaking and Confidence Building
  • Reading / Writing / Listening Skills Improvement
  • Extempore
  • Public Speaking
  • Presentation Skills Enhancement

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Course Duration : 
Eight Weeks (2 Months) 
Why EPS English Language ? 

  • It is an Activity Driven Program and is not like Class Room / Theory Programs.
  • Batch Size will be of 10 Students only.
  • Small batch size will lead to Personal Attention to each student in the Batch.
  • Regular Feed-backs from the students so that the corrective actions can be taken on time.
  • Every student in the batch will have Equal participation and interaction.

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Academic Courses

Back Office Management Training Course :
This course contains information about office management .
Who should attend?

  • · Back office personnel
  • · Middle office staff.
  • · Operations staff.
  • · Settlement staff.
  • · Risk management staff.
  • · Treasury operations personnel.

Tourism Management (Contents)
  • · Basic of tourism.
  • · Tourism Products And Services.
  • · Basics Of Management And It’s Application.
  • · Geography Of Tourism (India).
  • · Customer Care And Interpersonal Skills
  • · Tourism Industry Profile
  • · Tourism Management
  • · Geography Of Tourism
  • · Human Resource Management
  • · Human Resourses management
  • · Tourism operations and finance
  • · Travel and Tourism Marketing
  • · Revenue Management in Tourism
  • · Dimension Of International Tourism
  • · Business Communication
  • · Front Office Operations
  • · Total Quality Management
We also provide the Excellent coaching for all college classes in area of Computer , Commerce , Arts inculding Mathematic , Economics and English of graduation and post graduation level.

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Vocational COURSE

Dress Designing

A fully professional training for costume trade in which the accent is on fashion design, giving special attention to practical application of the garment industry. This course caters to those who wish to learn how to make a commercial pattern in a fabric of their choice. Students are shown how to cut out, sew, fit and finish. Teaching is done through individual attention being given to meet different levels from beginners to the more advanced. Entrepreneurship, Communication Skills, Art Elements of Fashion, Computer Applications, Grading and Lay Marking, Fashion Merchandising are also given equal weightage.

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Cooking Classes

Our institute gives a complete range of professional kitchen training and provide students a confidence in culinary profession. We are a professional institute which provide students maximum practical training thus enabling them to attain perfection in any cuisine. Vreehi is an institute that first time ever in Delhi gives the classes of all the cuisines like Indian, Continental, Sushi, Confectionery, Bakery etc. We are a culinary studio with ultra modern features and fine team of chefs giving a utmost professional kitchen training.

We offer our customer the opportunity to learn how to cook authentic food with skilled and friendly chefs who can impart the secrets of cooking to you in a fun atmosphere.

  Homely Environment
  A high profile Culinary school
  Studio Equipped with Ultra Modern Facilities
  All material for cooking is provided by school
  Career Oriented Courses
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