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The Greeks and the Romans

The Greeks and the Romans:

Two Bronze Age civilization developed in Greece.The earlier of the two was the Minoan Civilization.It developed in the island of Crete and flourshed roughly between 2000-1400 BC.The other was the Mycenaean Civilization,which was centered in mainled Greece and flourished between 1600-1100 BC.Later,an Iron Age civilization also deveioped in Greece.
The Minoan Civilization
The Minoan Civilization developed in Crete.Since Crete ia an island,it was naturally protected against invasions by land.The Minoans developed a strong navy to protect themselves against a sea invasion.Trade was an important activity.Wheat,winelinen,olive oil and timber were sent to Egypt,Syria Itlay and other regions.
The Mycenaean Civilization
The Myceanaean Civilization developed in mainland Greece.The largest city was Mycenaean.Many large building have been discovered here.Around 1100 BC,the city was destroyed.
Greek society was not an equal society.There were some rich people and a vast majority who were poor.People relied heavily on slave labourwho worked in the houses of the rich as well as in the field.
Contribution of the Greeks
Architecture The Parthenon,a temple dedicated to Athena the patron goddess of Athens,is the best example of Greek architecture.
Myron and Phidias were the best-known sculptors of ancient Greece.The famous statue of the discus-thrower was sculpted by Myron.
The Romans establish one of the larger and the most powerful empires of the ancient world.It covered a larger part of Europe and some parts northern Africa.
Political system
The earley Romans were ruled by a king.Soon,monacchy ended and a republic was establish.You may wonder what is a republic?It is a form of goverment where there are no kings and queens, and the country is governed by representatives chosen by the people.
Romans socitey was divided into two classes-patricians ans plebians.The formers consisted of the aristtocracy and the nbig landlord.They controlled the senate.The latter consisted of workers,farmers and artisans.
The Romans renamed Greek gods and Worshipped them.Some important gods were Apollo(Sun god),Mars(god of war).Later,some people began to follow christianity and by the fourth century AD,Christianity became the main religion of the empire.


.The minoan Civilization and the Mycenaean Civilization developed in Greece.The former flourished between 2000-1400 BC in Crete latter between 1600-1100 BC in mainland Greece.
.The Minoans had a strong navy.The largest city was knossos.The largest city of the Mycenaeans was Mycenae.
.There were many city-states or polis in ancient Greece.While Athens was democratic,Sparta was ruled by military rules.
.The Greeks worshipped Zeus,Athena,Aphrodite,Asclepios and many other gods.
.The Romans cociety consisted of patricians,plebians and slaves.
.Apollo,Mars,Jupiter were some important Roman gods.Later,many people became Christians.
.Condification of laws,building of roads and growth of literature and painting are some achievement of the Romans.
.The Romans had republican set-up.