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Amendments of the Constitution

  • Amendments of the Constitution


Mendments of the Constitution

42 Amendment,(1976)

it is called the mini constiution.THree word were introduced in the prreamble-SOCIALIST,SECULAR and INMTEGRITY.

44 Amendment,(1978):

Gight to property was removed and the word internal disturbance was removed from article 352 and was replaced with arrived rebelion.

52 Amendment :

Anti defection law.

61 Amendment:

Voting age was reduced from 21 from to 18 years.

84 Amendment:

By this amendment the number of seats in Lok Sabha and Rajya SaBHA ARE FROZEN FOR NEXT 25 YEAR(TILL 2026).

86 Amendment:

Free and compulsory education for 6 to 17 years,is made a fundamental right.

92 Amendment:

Four offical languages were introduced and total lanuages become 22.