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The Delhi Sultanate

The Delhi Sultanate: Muhammad Ghori died in AD 1206.As he had no sons,his nephew succeeded him on the throne.The empire created by Muhammad Ghori was divided among his genarals.Five Dynastries ruled the Delhi Sultanae between AD 1206 and AD 1526.These were the:
.Slave Dynasty (AD 1206-1290)
.Khalji Dynastry (AD 1290-1320)
.Tughluq Dynasty (AD 1320-1414)
.Sayyid Dynasty (AD 1414-1451)
.Lodi Dynasty (AD 1451-1526)

Slave Dynasty (Ad 1206-1290)
The earlist rules of the Delhi Sultanate were called Mamluks or the Slave Kings.They were called so because many of them were either slaves or were the sons of slaves who had later become Sultans.
Qutb-ud-din Aibak (Ad 1206-1210)
IItutmish (AD 1236-1240)
Raziya (AD 1236-1240)
Ghiyas-ud-din Balban (AD 1266-1286)
Khalji Dynasty (AD 1290-1320)
Ala-ud-din Khalji (AD 1296-1316):- Jalal-ud-din was an old man of 70 when he came to the throne.He was failed to deal with the problem of the empire.He was a humble and kind-hearted person.The most important event during Jalal-ud-din's reign was the invasion of Devagiri,the capital of the Yadava kingdom.
Tughluq Dynasty (AD 1320-1414)
Muhammad-bin-Tughluq (Ad 1325-1351):- The first ruler of the Tughluq Dynasty was Ghiyasud-din Tughluq(AD 1320-1325)He tells us thatMuhammadbin-Tughluq was an ambitions man,full of ideas.But,he did not implement his properly.Therefore most of his experiments failed.


.The Delhi Sulanate was founded in AD 1206.Qutb-ud-din Aibek started the Slave Dynasty.
.The Slave Dynasty ruled from AD 1206 to Ad 1290.
.Balban was the most powerful ruler of the Slave Dynasty.
.The Khalji Dynasty ruled from AD 1209 to AD 1320.
.The death of Firoz Shah Tughuq led to the weakening of the Sulanate.Timur invaded India in AD 1398.
Decline of the Delhi Sulanate
Timur's invasion marked the end of the phase of strong rule by the Delhi Sultans.Though the Sultanate was confirmed to the region of Delhi and its surrounding areas.
Sayyid Dynasty (1414-1451)
Khizr Khan Sayyid (AD 1414-1421) He was the first ruler of the Sayyid Dynasty.He was the governor of Multan during the reigon of Firoz Shah Tughluq.
Mubarak Shah Sayyid (AD 1421-1434)
Muhammad Shah Sayyid (1434-1443)
Ala-ud-din Alam Shah Sayyid (1443-1451)
Lodi Dynasty (AD 1451-1489)
Bahlul Lodi (AD 1451-1489)
Sikandar Lodi (AD 1489-1517)
Ibrahim Lodi (AD 1517-1526)
Rise Of Regional Kingdoms As per the power of the Sulanate gradully declined,a number of new kingdoms arose in different parts of the country.These kingdoms were initially provinces of the Sulnaate.But as the power f the Sultanate declined,these provinces became independent.
End of the Delhi Sulanate:- There were many reasons for the decline of the Delhi Sulanate.During the Medieval period,the personality of a ruler was very important.Forceful and powerfull personalities like that of Baghan and Ala-ud-din Khalji were not only able to control the territories they inhetited,but were also able to expand the empire. He passed an order stating that when a soldier grew old,his son,son-in-law or even his slave could take his place irrespective of wheather the new recuit was fit for military service or not.THis weakened the Sultanate.
Impact of the Delhi Sulanate:- The establishment of the Delhi Sulanate led to some important changes in the political,social,economic and cultural life of the country.Another important result of the establishment of the Delhi Sulanate was change in the language of administration.Persion was adopted as the language of administration.Later on.it led to the developement of a new lanuage Urdu.
Summery .Khizr Khan Sayyid established the rule of the Sayyid Dynasty in AD 1414.
.The LOdis ruled over the Sulanate from AD 1451-1526.
.With the decline in the power of the Sulanat,many regional kingdoms arose.
.Many changes in the political,social,economic and cultural spheres were witnessed under the Sulanate.