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The Gupta Empire

The Gupta Empire:

Both archaeological and literary sources inform us about the Gupta period.Among the archaeological sources,mention must be made of the Allahabad Pillar Inscription,remains of temple,the paintings at Ajanta and the large number of coins issued by the Gupta rulers.
Political History
Chandragupta I (AD 320-335)
The first ruler of the dynasty was Sri Gupta but the first powerful ruler was Chandragupta I.His capital was Pataliputra.He built up a large and powerful empire.
Samudragupta (AD 335-375)
Samudragupta,son of Chandragupta I,was greatest ruler of the dynasty.We know about his conquests from the Allahabad Piller Inscription (Prayag Prashasti) composed by Samudragupt's cpurt poet,Harisena.
Chandragupt II (AD 375-415)
Chandragupta II,son of Samudragupta,succeeded his father to the throne.He is also known as Vikramaditya.He defeated the Shakas and rained control over three-ports-Broach,Cambay and Sopara that controlled trade with the western world.This added to the properity of the empires.
Fa Hien was a Chinese pilgrim.He came to india to study the Buddhist scritures.He reached India in AD 405 and spent the next six years visiting the Buddhist wrote a detailed account of his stay in India and about the different aspects of Life under tha Guptas.
The Gupta king encouraged education Kumaraghupta founded the unversity at Nalanda,in Bihar.Other famous universities of the period were located at Taxila Vallabhi and Ujjain.
Agrictulture was the main occupation of the people.Most of the revenue came from land.Towards the end of the Gupta period,there was a decline in trade.The invasion of the Hunas may have been responsible for this decline.The towns which depends on trade also suffered.
The study of all branches of science,particularly astronomy,mathematics.metallurgy and medicine flourished under the Guptas.
Hinduism was the most popular religion.Most Gupta king were worshippers of Vishnu.They gave donations for constructing temple.They also performed religious sacrifices.


.The Gupta started ruiling towards the close of the third century AD.The first ruler was Sri Gupta.
.Chandra gupta I(Ad 320-335) was a powerful ruler.He started building an empire.
.Many temple and monasteries were built.Image of popular gods were sculpted.
.Sanskrit literature made great progress.Kalidass was the greatest poet-dramalist of these times.
.Both internal and foreign trade flourished.
.Socitey was divided into castes and sub-castes.
.The empires was divided into provinces,districts and villages.