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The Age of Harshavardhana

The Age of Harshavardhana:

There are two main source on Harsh,s reign.One is Harshacharita the biography of Harsha written by his court poet,Banabhatta.The other source is the accounts of the Chinese pilgrim Hiuen Tsang,who visited India during Harsha's regin.Besides these,insciptions and coins also tell us about Harsha.
Political History
Harsha (AD 606-647)
Harsh ascended the throne at a young age of 16.He made Kanauj his capital because he lthought that Kanauj being centrally located,would help him to control his empire better.
Conquests and defeats
Harsha's first victory was against the ruler of BengalThen he conquered Punjab,eastern Rajasthan and the whole of the Ganga valley up to Assam.He also defeated the ruler of Valabhi(modern Gujarat).
Hiuen Tsang's Account
A chinese Buddhist scholar named Hiuen Tasang came to India in AD 630.He came to study and collect Buddisht texts and stay in India for 15 years.
The administrative structur under Harsh was similar to that of the Guptas.The king was the head of the addministrative.He was assisted by many ministers who looked after the various departments.
The Gupta king encouraged education Kumaraghupta founded the unversity at Nalanda,in Bihar.Other famous universities of the period were located at Taxila Vallabhi and Ujjain.
According to Hiuen Tsang,the people of the kingdom were simple,honest and very hospitable.The rich had big,well-decorated houses while the poor lived in houses made of mud.
Most people were engaged in agriculture.The land revenue was one-sixth of the toytal produce.Ther was some trade but it was not as prosperous as during the times of the Guptas.
In his early years,Harsha was a worshipper of Shiva.Later,he bacem a Buddist.He was tolerant towards other religious.


.Harsha ruled over northen India from AD 606-647.Kanauj was his capital.
.Harsdha wsa a powerful ruler.He was defeated by Pulakeshin II the Chalukyan ruler.
.The Nalanda Unversity prospered during the reign of Harsha.
.Harsha was tolerant towards all religions.He organized many religious assemblies.
.The society was divided into many castes and sub-castes.
.Agriclture was the main occupation of the people.