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Important Dates of World History


776     First Olympic Games in  Greece
29       Crucifixion of Jesus Christ
78       Start of Saka Era
570     Birth of Prophet Mohammed at Mecca
1453   Renaissance in Europe
1492   Columbus discovered America
1588   Defeat of Spanish Armada
1649    King Charles I beheaded-beginning of Commonwealth in England.
1688   Glorious Revolution in England.
1776   American Colonies declared independent(4th July)
1789   French Revolution
1805   Battle of Trafalgar
1815   Battle of Waterloo-Napoleon defeated , exiled to St. Helena.
1891   Birth of Bhim Rao Ambedkar.
1904   Russian-Japanese War.
1918   World War I (July 28, 1914-Nov.11,1918)
1917    Russian Bolshevik Revolution and the assassination of Czar.
1920    The League of Nations founded.
1933    Hitler became Chancellor of Germany.
1945   World War II
1945    First Atom Bomb dropped on Hiroshima (6th Aug.) and Nagasaki (9th Aug.).
1953    Mount Everest conquered (29th May).
1956    Nationalisation of Suez Canal by Col. Nassar ( 26th July).
1957    Artificial earth satellites (Sputniks I and II ) Launched by Russia.
1961    Russia sent Yuri Gagarin into space (12th April); Russia constructed 45 mile long      
            wall dividing East and West Berling (13th Aug.).
1964    Beginning of the International Quiet Sun Year (1st Jan.).
1966    Tashkent declaration between India and Pakistan (10th Jan).
1968    Warsaw pact intervened in Czechoslovakia (21st august).
1969    Americans land on the moon(21st July), Gandhi birth Centenary.
1970    China launched her first satellite on 24th April, Russia’s unmanned Luna-16 was
            successful in bringing back to earth the moon’s the rock samples (September) ,  
           Luna-17 reached the moon with moon mobile-‘Lunakhod-I’.
1971   Civil war in Pakistan-East Pakistan declared herself independent; formation of the
            new state of Bangladesh, China’s admission to the U.N.O.(Oct.26); Indo-soviet
           Treaty, Indo-Pak War (Dec. 3-17).
1973   Vietnam peace settlement; end of war in Laos; Geneva Peace Conference on West  
 1974   Indo-Pak-Bangladesh Tripartite Agreement; War in Cyprus; Asian Games.
1975   International Women’s year; U.S.A. ends involvement in Vietnam; Cambodian
           Government surrenders to Red forces (17th April), South Vietnam surrenders to  
           NLF and North Veitnamese forces (30th April), Suez Canal reopened;  
          Mozambique achieves Independence (11th Nov.); Surinam achieves Independence;
           Helsinki treaty; Angola achieves Independence (25th Nov).
               1976- Indo-Pak Agreement on resumption of diplomatic relations (May); O.A.U. Summit at Port Louis (July 15), Fifth Non-aligned Summit in Colombo opened         (July 17), 2nd World Hindi Convention at Port Louis (Aug. 28); Death of Mao-Tse          Tung (Sept. 9).
              1977- Second ASEAN conference (Aug.), U.S.A. and Panama reach agreement on control over Panama Canal (Aug. 10); World Conference for Action Against Apartheid (Oct).
            1978- India-Vietnam  sign four aid and trade agreements (Feb. 26); Isarel mounts invasion of Lebanon (March 15); Military Coup in Afganistan (April 27), Egypt and Israel reach accord on a peace treaty (Sept. 17), Soloman Islands admitted as the (150th
members of U.N.O.; Dominica admitted as the 151st member of the U.N.O.(Dec.).
           1979- China and the U.S.A. resume diplomatic relations (Jan. 1), International Year of the Child started, Chinese invasion of Vietnam (Feb.), Egypt-Israel peace treaty signed.
            1980-Afghan President Hafizullah Amin executed in coup and Babrak Karmal becomes President, U.S.A. decides to boycott Moscow Olympics because of the continued presence of Soviet troops in Afghanistan (Feb. 20), Sino-Soviet Treaty of Friendship, Alliance and Mutual Aid signed in 1950 expires (April 11), 22nd  Olympics at
Moscow  (July-Aug.), death of Shah of Iran (July 27), Iraq-Iran war (Sept.-Oct.).
1981-International year for disabled persons started. U.S. to make neutron bomb (Aug. 9), Iran’s New President elected (Oct. 2), North-Antigua gains freedom (Nov.1).
             1982 ­–The U.N. adopts declaration of religious freedom (Jan. 6), Military seizes power in Surinam (Oct. 5), Coup in Guatemala (March 23), Bloodless coup in Bangladesh (March 24 ), Argentina seizes Falklands (April 2), President Lenoid Brezhnev of USSR dies of Heart Attack (Nov. 10).
              1983 –The Seventh Non-Aligned Summit opens in New Delhi (March 7), UNCTAD-VI meet ends its months long session (July 3), Summit at U.N. calls for new economic order (Sept. 30), Commonwealth Summit (Nov. 23-29).
              1984 –35 Nations European Security  Conference , Stockholm (Jan-Feb.), U.S. Iraq restore         diplomatic relations (Nov. 26). 1985 –Secretary General of USSR Communist  Party and President Konstantin Chernenko died (March 10), and replaced by Gorbachev (March 15), Accused in Acquino murder trial acquitted (Dec. 2.).
1986 – Swedish Prime Minister Mr. Olaf Palme is shot dead (March 1), G-7 meets at
Tokyo (May 4-6), 7 Commonwealth head meet in London (Aug. 3-5), 6 Nations
appeal for nuclear disarmament in Mexico (Aug. 6), Harare Non-Aligned Summit
(Sept. 2-7), 10th Asiads in Seoul (Sept. 20-Oct.5).
             1987 –Seven Developed Nations meet in Venice (June 8-10), Fiji declared republic (Oct. 6), The 2nd National Games opened in Trivendrum by President of India (Dec. 28).
              1988 – G-7 meet in Toronto (June 22-24), President Zia dies in aircrash near Bahawalpur
(Aug. 17), 24th Olympics start in Seoul (Sept. 17), Benazir Bhutto becomes Pakistan Prime Minister (Dec. 4), the fourth SAARC summit opens in Islamabad (Dec.29).
          1989 – Last Soviet army leaves Afghanistan (Feb. 15), Emperor Hirohito is laid to rest in  Japan  (Feb. 24), More than 80 nations agreement in Helsinki for the protection of
Ozone layer (May 5), Hashemi Rafsanjani elected as President of Iran (July 29),
Former President Marcos of Phillipines is dead (Sept. 27), CHOGM concludes at
kualalampur (Oct. 24), SWAPO gets majority in Namibia polls (Nov.14), Romania’s
President and his wife executed(Dec.21).
                1990 –African Nationalist Leader Nelson Mandela freed after 27 years of imprisonment,(Feb. 11), Unification of North and South Yemen (May 22), Iraqui attack and  annexation of Quwait (Aug. 2), International Olympic Committee approved new
regulations for Olympic games (Sept. 17), 11th Asian Games inaugurated in Beijing
(Sept. 22), SAARC Vth summit held in Male (Nov. 21-23), John Major Sworn in as
British Prime Minister (Nov. 29).
                 1991 - Edith Kreson becomes first woman Prime Minister of France (May 15), U.S.A. lifts economic sanctions against South-Africa (July 10), START signed by Super Powers in Moscow (July 31), 19 countries sign Combodian Peace Agreement (Oct. 23), Security  council elects Boutras Ghali as the next Secretary General of U.N. (Nov. 22), G-15 Summit at Carakas (Nov. 26), Gorbachov resigns ;U.S.S.R dissolved (Dec. 25).
                  1992 -12 European Countries sign a treaty for unity in Masstricht (Feb. 7), UNCTAD     ended in Colombia (Feb. 25), U.N. Peace keeping forces arrive in Cambodia (Mar. 2), Environment and Development Conference in Tokyo (April 17), Earth Summit at Rio-de-Janeiro in Brazil (June 3-14), Barcelona Olympic (July 25-9th  Aug.), G-15 Summit  held in Dakar (Nov. 21-23), Boris  Yeltsin’s China visit (Dec. 16-20).
                    1993 -Bill Clinton was sworn in as America’s President (Jan. 20), Ezer Weizman elected Israel’s new President (March 24), Clinton-Yeltsin summit (April 3), U.S.A. and Russia agree for stopping export of missile technology (Sept. 2), Israel and PLO organisation  signed a peace agreement (Sept. 13), New Constitution in  South Africa  (Nov. 18).
                  1994 – Yadav Kant Silvan new SAARC  Secretary General (Jan. 1), G-15 Summit held in New Delhi (Mar. 28-30). Nelson Mandela takes oath of president in South Africa  (May. 10), 12th Asian Games concluded in Hiroshima (Oct. 16), N. Korea releases American pilot (Dec. 30).
                  1995 - SAARC Summit in New Delhi (May 2-4), Myanmar Junta frees Aung San Suu Kyi (July 10), Vietnam becomes the Seventh member of ASEAN (July 28), G-15  Summit held in Buenos Aires in Argentina (Nov. 5-7).
                  1996 – Boris Yeltsin elected the president of Russia (July 4), Atlanta Olympics inaugurated (July 19), American President  Bill Clinton signed the CTBT  (Sept. 23), China will build a second nuclear power plant in Pakistan(Dec.5).
                   1997 - Kofi Annan of Ghana tool office as the seventh U.N. Secretary General (Jan. 1), Scientists create artifical human chromosomes (April 4), Singapore, U.S. sign ‘Opens Skies’ accord (April 8); SAARC Summit held in Male (12-15, May), Russia and NATO sign pact (May 27), Historic space mission accomplished as Pathfinder lands on Mars Planet (July 5), G-15 summit held in Kualalumpur in Malaysia (Nov. 3-5), 125 Nations sign pact to ban landmines (Dec. 4).
                   1998 –Vaclav Havel elected the president of Czech Republic (Jan. 20), 18th winter olympic games begin in Japan (Feb. 7), Ample water on Moon to support a colony (March 6), Titanic film won 11 Oscar award (March 24), Miss Trinidad and Tobago’s Wendy Fitz William is new Miss Universe; G-15 summit held in Cairo (May 13); G-8 Summit held in Birmingham (May 15-17) , 10th SAARC summit inaugurated in Colombo (July 29-31); 12th NAM Summit begin in Durban (Sept. 2); Islamic Rule Bill passed in Pakistan National Assembly (Oct. 9, U.S.- Britain joint attack on Iraq  (Dec. 17), 13th Asian Games ended in Bangkok (Dec. 19).

                1999-The eighth round Jaswant-Talbott talks begin (Jan. 29), ‘Shakespeare in Love’ bags 7 Oscars (Mar. 22), India and Qater sign three agreements (April 7), The 1999 Cricket World Cup inaugurated at Lords, London (May 14), Yugoslavia accepts a peace plan for Kosovo(June 3),Australia lifts 1999 Cricket World Cup (June 20); G-8 summit  calls upon Pakistan to respect LoC in Kashmir and withdraw intruders from Kargil (June 25), An earthquake shook Western Turkey killing more than 800 people (Aug.17), Macau is reverted to China by Portugal (Dec. 19-20), Russian President Boris
Yeltsin resigns( Dec.31).
                2000-UNCTAD’s X Session in Bangkok (Feb. 12-19), Vladimir Putin elected the new President of Russia (March 27), G-77 summit meet concludes in Havana (Cuba)       (April 15), G-15 10th Summit conference in Cairo (June 20), 1st Summit meet  between India and European Union (June 27-29), The G-8 summit begins at Okinawa, Japan  (July 21), 27th Olympiad at Sydney inaugurated (Sept. 15), China-Vietnam Border Agreement (Dec.23).
                2001-American spacecraft NEAR lands on the asteroid EROS (Feb. 13), Dennis Tito returns to earth (May 6), 11th G-15 Summit in Jakarta (May 30 and 31,), G-8 summit held at Genoa (July 20-22), Interim Government for Afghanistan(Dec. 22).