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World's First

  • World's First


World's First

World's First

Man to go in spaceYuri Gagrin(former USSR)
Man to set foot on the moonNeil Alden Armstrong (USA) 1969
Man to walk in spaceAlexei Leonov (former USSR)
Men to climb Mt Everest Tenzing Norgay(India) and Edmund Hillary (New Zealand)
Woman to climb Mt Everest Junklo Taibei(Japan)
President of USA George Washington
Lady Prime Minister of Country Srimavo Bhandaraike(Sri Lanka)
Foreign invader of india Alexander the Great
Chinese traveler to India Fathien
Lady President of a Country Maria Estela Peron(Argentina)

World's First Human Heart Transplant:

The first heart transplant was performed on 3rd December,1962 by a team of 30 doctors headed by Prof.Christian Barnard on 55 years old Louis Wash Kanky at Groove Schumurs Hospital,Cape Town,South Africa.

India's First Heart Transplant Operation:

A team of doctors headed by senior cardiac surgeon Dr.P.Venugopal of All India Institute of Medical Sciences(AIIMS, Delhi) performed India's First heart transplant on a42 year old Devi Ram on 3rd August,1994.

World's First Test Tube Baby:

The first test tube baby girl,Louise Joy Brown was born on July 25,1978 at Oldham Near Manchester,England.

India's First Test Tube Baby

India,s First test tube baby girl,kum Harsha was born on August 6,1986 at K.E.M.Hospital, Bombay

India's First Micromanipulation Baby:

India,s first micromanipulation baby was born on December 10,1994 at Jaslok Hospital,Bombay.