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This is for use when quoting text from other pages, books, documents, speeches, etc. It cannot contain text directly, and should instead contain other block level elements. They can then contain the quoted text. It is also possible to use the cite attribute to give the URL of a page where the quote was taken from, but no current browsers have a useful way to use that.

This is a generic block element, and it can contain text directly, or it can contain other block elements. In pure HTML, it serves no purpose. The reason it exists is mainly to facilitate styling, or to allow you to denote arbitrary blocks of content, to give meaning where there is nothing more appropriate. For example, there is no footer element in HTML, but you may still want to create a footer for your document. If you cannot find a more appropriate element for what you want to put in your footer, you can create a DIV and use either the ID or CLASS attributes to give it an identifier of your choice. You can then use that identifier to denote a footer, which you can then style with CSS.
Displays a horizontal rule between two blocks. Note that if you need to display horizontal rules, there are usually better ways, such as using CSS to apply a border to an element. The HR element itself has no real meaning in HTML.