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The Font Tag


The Font tag

Probably the most versatile text formatting tag is the <FONT></FONT> tag
The font tag not only allows the color and size of text to be selected but also allows specific fonts to be selected

an example of the font tag
<FONT face="arial">this is the arial font face</FONT>

change the color
<FONT face="arial" color="#FF0000">this is the arial font face</FONT>

choose from 1 of 7 sizes
<FONT size=7>size 7</FONT>
<FONT size=6>size 6</FONT>
<FONT size=5>size 5</FONT>
<FONT size=4>size 4</FONT>
<FONT size=3>size 3</FONT>
<FONT size=2>size 2</FONT>
<FONT size=1>size 1</FONT>

using specific fonts

Unless a font is specified in a html document all of the text contained in it will be rendered in the users default font, this is also true if the specified font is not installed on the users computer
The font tag gives enough flexibility to allow html authors to specify a 'back up' font 

<FONT face="georgia, times new roman, arial">alternative fonts</FONT>

in the example above the browser will attempt to render text in the georgia font, if the georgia font is not installed the browser will attempt to render text in the times new roman font and if that is unavailable the browser will search for the arial font

the following 12 fonts are installed on both pc and mac and are considered as 'safe'

arial, arial black, comic sans ms, courier, courier new, georgia,
helvetica, impact, palatino, times new roman, trebuchet ms, verdana

most browsers prefer font names to be lower case
the font tag is an inline element, if the browser encounters the font tag in the middle of a line of text it does not cause a linebreak