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Learn and Earn

Scheme to closed

Prices May be from the following lists

  1. Laptop i3 processor ( Quantity 3 )
  2. Samsung Gallary S4 Mini ( Quantity 3)
  3. Laptop Mini (Quantity 3 )
  4. Apple i4 Mobile Phone ( Quantity 3)
  5. Tablet ( Quantity 3)
  6. Apple i pad ( Quantity 3)
Note: This learn and earn offer is only to promote education , we never encourage you to earn money with help of this scheme . If some one found using misconduct , misuse of this scheme He / She will be permanetly terminated /Banned from Society or to conduct online test via this website .

Simple as Easy 1,2,3

  1. Register yourself with education point society . Guest user is not eligible to participate this lean and earn scheme
  2. Play KBC Game , Competetion Test , IQ Check Game Regularly
  3. Increase your point by playing KBC Game , Competetion Test , IQ Check Game Regularly

Rules and Conditions for learn and earn

  1. This is only for educational purpose , Dont use it as your profession .
  2. One user can claim only One price though out his life
  3. User must agree with our all terms and conditions of society
  4. User Must be residence of India
  5. User Must login atleast 19 times in every month and atleast 12 months in a year.
  6. His Account should be atleast 12 month old
  7. User must gain atleast 90,000 ( Ninety Thousand Only ) points (On educationpoint.in) By playing GK Quiz Game , IQ Test or competition test practice exam within year
  8. User can gain point by playing KBC Game or Online Competetion test Practice or by checking IQ Test
  9. Education Point society reserve right to modify prize ( Quantity / form of prize ) at any time without giving any notice or with out any reason at any time .
  10. This Scheme is only for students so user Must be Regular Student of Any Registered College / University / School or any instititue
  11. Education point society reserve right cancel this scheme at any time , user can not clam his price if Society cancel the scheme at any time without any notice / or reason .
  12. Prizes will be paid in the end of year ie. on 31st December.
  13. This Scheme will start from 1st Jan 2014.
  14. Society can give complimentary Prize time to time to promote online education system.
  15. Society reseve all right to cancel Nomination / Regisration of any user at any time if we feel user is doing any type of Misuse of this scheme .
  16. Nomination / Registration of any user can be cancelled at any time without giving any prior notice without any reason .
  17. All Disputes are subject to Jalandhar Punjab jurisdiction .
  18. Winner will be informed by email . Winner should claim his identity at society registerd office with in 45 days ( After announcement of price)
  19. Society reseve the right to cancel / Delete / Ban the user to login without any notice or without any reason
  20. Society will not send price thourgh any mode of payment , user must visit with all proofs at society registered office with in 45 days of announcement of prize.
  21. User/Participant must be above 13 years and below 28 years old.
  22. User must be one person , group of persons are not allowed to use this scheme .
  23. If any user does not come to claim his/her prize within 45 days after the declaration of exam , his/her prize will be cancelled and this will not distributed / Given to any body else.
  24. Prize will not be handed over to any other person , user must be present at registered office with in 45 days after declaration of prize with all identity proof and satisfing all the terms and conditions of society . Prize will not be given to any other person who is not registered user of society .
  25. All Employees of education point society can not use this scheme .
  26. Society reserves the right to modify all terms and conditions or Amount / Value of prize at any time without giving prior notice with out any resson .