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Objectives Of Education Point Society

Education Point Society ( Regd )(Best Computer and Competitive Exam Institute in jalandhar)

The foundation shall be a voluntary , non - political , non-profit making social service organization established to promote education amongst educationally backward sections of society. the aim and objects for which this foundation is established are :
  • To remove educational backwardness and create awareness about the national ideals of JUSTICE, LIBERTY, EQUALITY AND FRATERNITY AND DEMOCRACY , SECULARISM AND SOCIALISM;
  • To formulate and implement educational schemes and plans for the benefit of the educationally backward minorities in particular and weaker section in general
  • To function as a data bank on education and to establish information and counseling centers ;
  • To undertake preparation and publication of materials including journals and other periodicals and preparation and dissemination of material for mass media;
  • To collaborate with and other Societies/ organizations pursuing the objective similar to those of the foundation;
  • To open , run and assist Libraries and Book Banks.
  • To create awareness about the problems of the weaker sections especially the educationally backward minorities and to give approriate advice to Government..
  • To promote and encourage the study chiefly of such branches of the Arts, Science , Industries and Commerce as are best calculated to develop the material resources of the country and to satisfy its pressing wants , including scientific education generally a knowledge of such scientific truths as are to be found in the Ayurvedic , Allopatihc , Homoeopathic and Hakimi systems.
  • To promote moral and physical education.
  • To Promote for denominational religious and spiritual education out of funds specifically contributed for the purpose ; such education , however , is not to include the enforcement of religious rites and practices .
  • To create and maintain a high standard of proficiency and to enforce strict discipline ( including the paying of proper regard to religious sentiments and customs of the different sections of the community ) - in accordance with the best traditions of the country .
  • To impart and to facilitate the imparting of education so far as practicable through the medium of the vernacular languages such as Bengali , Hindi , Urdu etc. English being a compulsory second language.
  • To find and maintain professorships, lectureships , scholarships and fellowships for the encouragement of learning and research.
  • To create and maintain a high standard of qualification , intellectual as well as moral , in teachers by providing , where necessary , advanced instruction in all subjects included in a liberal education , by supplying a training in the principles and practice of educational methods.
  • To establish and maintain and affiliate , admit or recognize hospitals , workshops , laboratories, libraries , museums , art-galleries and other institutions conducive to the objects of the Association.
  • To impart non-formation education for the children , youth and the adult persons in the society where it seems to be necessary.
  • To establish the vocationally institutions for the male and female to facilitate them for the training in Framing and Poultry , spinning and weaving ,.Carpentry , Book-binding , computer science and Operation , Library Science , Mother and Child Health Care Education , Basic Training Course in Primary education Boutique Printing ,.Tailoring , Hand - crafts , social work and community service , production - cum - sales training centre , Nursing Training Centre etc.
  • To award Prize , stipends and scholarships for enabling them to prosecute further studies either in Institutions connected with the Association or other educational Institutions in Indian or elsewhere.
  • To print and publish Journals , periodicals , dailies or leaflets that Association man think desirable for the promotion of its objects , without making any profit.
  • To carry on any other work which may seem to the Association capable of being conveniently carried on in connection with the above or calculated directly or indirectly to enhance the value of or render profitable any of the Association's property or rights.
  • To initiate and execute and project relating to social and a real development through the respective Governments and Non - Governments Organizations for the welfare and benefit of the people and the society.
  • To discover and reveal the heritage and historical places through research and survey and to link them for the easy access to public with the help of possible linking system like Roads, Railways , Bridges , Water and Airways and to develop them accordingly through Government and Non - Government organizations .
  • To help students who receive education under the Association in finding suitable useful occupations
  • To do all or any of the above things either as principals , agents , otherwise and by or though agents or other wise and either alone or in conjunction with others .
  • To do all such other things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects or any of them.
  • To establish or acquire and take over training classes for teachers and to carry on the same.
  • To enter into any arrangement with Government for securing grants in aid of the institutions of this society.
  • To enter into any arrangement for sharing work , union of interest or co-operation with any person , Society or educational institution.