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PCS Punjab paper 2010

PCS 2010 Paper 2010 Memory based (Few Questions)

  1. What is the Targated Growth Rate for 11th five year Plan (9%)
  2. Ozone hole is Depliting Due to (CFC’s)
  3. What is the sex ratio of Punjab (876)
  4. Name the countries which form a Part of Basic group (Brazil, South Africa, India, china)
  5. What  is the population density of  Punjab (484)
  6. Milk  Revolution is known by (White Revolution)
  7. What is the period of  11th plan 5 year plan (2007-12)
  8. Nobel Prize for literature 2010 was given  to (Mario Vargas Lgosa)
  9. Author of Mahan kosh is (Bhai Sant Singh)
  10. Rachna Doab lies between (Ravi – Chenab)   
  11. Diesel Components is situated in (patiala)
  12. Sikh Gurdwara Act was Passed in the year (1925)
  13. What is the decadal growth rate of Indian population (21.54)
  14. Punjab was annexed in the year (1849)
  15. Pushpa Gujral Science City was situated in which district (Kapurthala)
  16. Puanjabi Sahit academy is situated in the country (Ludhiana)
  17. Which is the largest Wheat producing State in the country (Uttar Pradesh)
  18. Battle of Wandiwash took Place between (English –French)
  19. Atlas Mountain are located in which continent (Africa)
  20. Which is the national flower in India (Lotus)
  21. Coins of rupee one and less are issued by (Finance Ministry)
  22. Who is the editor of Punjabi Tribune (Varinder Valia)
  23. Guru Granth Sahib was accorded the status of Guru in the year (1708)
  24. Which Sikh Guru introduced the Masand System (Guru Arjun Dev Ji)
  25. Who among the following is called First Saint of Punjab (Sheikh Farid)   
  26. Indian Punjabi is written in Which Script (Gurmukhi)
  27. Zafarnama was written by (Guru Gobind Singh Ji)
  28. Who laid the laid Foundation Stone of Sri Harmandir Sahib at Amritsar (Mian Mir)
  29. United Nation s day is on (24oct)
  30. Largest Ship Building Site in India is (Cochin)
  31. Rani gaidinlieu, a Prominent freedom fighter was active in which State (Manipur)
  32. Which Dialect of Punjabi is called as ‘TAKSALI  PUNJABI’ (Majhi)
  33. Goitre is caused Due to the deficiency of (Iodine)
  34. Terms fixed float and free float are related to (currency exchange)
  35. Normal Blood Pressure of human Being is (120-80)
  36. The Head Quarters of ghadar Party was Situated at (San fransicso)
  37. Humanyun Nama was written by (Abdul fazal)
  38. Most important source of irrigation in Punjab was (Well)
  39. Which is the nearest Planet to earth (Venus)
  40. Contribution of agriculture to Indian economy (10-20%)
  41. Who amongst the following is famous for giving ’14 Points’ (M A jinnah)
  42. Who is the author of the book ‘WE’ (MS golwalker)
  43. World Environment Day is on (5th June)
  44. How many Bones are there in an adult human (206)
  45. How many Pairs of chromosomes are there in humans (23)
  46. Who was the Viceroy of India During Partition of Bengal (Curzon)
  47. Simon commission Visited India in the year (1928)
  48. Home Rule leage was lead by (Bal Gangadhar Tilak)
  49. Dev Samaj was founded by (Shiv Narain Agnihotri )
  50. Indigo Revoled is related to (farmers)
  51. Defence lawyer of the kakori conspiracy case was (Gobind Ballab Pant)
  52. Communitist Party of India was founded by (MN Roy)
  53. Name the first muslim President of the Indian National congress (Badrudin Tyabji)
  54. Best Inddicator of economic growth is (NNP at factor cost)
  55. Who Heads the nalanda Mentor Group created for the Revival of nalanda University (Amartya Sen)
  56. Her Ranjha was writeen by (Waris Shah)
  57. Who amongst the following is credited withn conducting ‘Linguistic Survey of India’ and trough Research on Indian languages and dialects (George A Grierson)
  58. Large Hadron Collider experiment is being Done at (Swiss-France Border)
  59. What is the Unit of hearing (Decibel)
  60. The founder of facebook is (Mark zuckerberg)
  61. Who is the current President of South Africa (Jacob Zuma)
  62. Symbol of Indian rupee has been Designed by (D Udaya Kumar)
  63. Benito Mussolini Belonged to (Italy)
  64. Which sikh guru met Mughal emperor Babur at Sayyadpur (Guru Nanak Dev ji)
  65. Haldia Refinery is Situated in (West Bengal)
  66. Balpakhram National Park is in which State (Meghalaya)
  67. In Rig Vedic times, Punjab was known as (Sapt Sindhu)
  68. entomology is the Study of (Insects)
  69. Eigth Schedule of constitution of India relates to (Panchayti Raj)
  70. Which article of constitution of  India Deals with impeachment of the President (article 610
  71. Pure gold is (24 carat)
  72. Scientific Name for vitamin C is (Ascorbic Acid)
  73. Central Institute of cotton Research  is Situated in (Nagpur)
  74. Bhiani Sahib gurdwara in ludhiana District is related to (Namdhari Movement)
  75. Who Started the newspaper Bengal Gazzete (James Augest Hickey)
  76. Swine flu is caused by (H1N1)
  77. Book neel Darpan was writeen by (Dinbandhu Mitra)
  78. Dr. amartya Sen got the Nobel Prize in which field (Welfare economics)
  79. The Indian Socio logiest was Started by (Shyam Ji Krishan Verma)
  80. Khetri is famous for (Copper)
  81. Who is Known By the name of ‘Master Da’ (Sachin Sanyal)
  82. Scientic name for ‘comman grass’ is (Parthemium)
  83. How many lok Sabha Members are elected from Punjab (13)
  84. What is the objective for 11th five year Plan (inclusive Growth)
  85. At Which Place mahatma Gandhi gavethe famous ‘quit India Speech’(Gowalia Tank , Bombay)
  86. Which Launch Vehicle was used for launching Chandrayaan 1 into Space (PSLV C 11)
  87. Dr. Amrtya Sen got the Nobel Prizwe in which field (Welfare economics)
  88. 74th amendment to the constitution of India Refers to (Urban Local Bodies)
  89. Sri Goindwal Sahib was founded by (Guru Amar Dsas ji)
  90. Bombay Plan was related was related to (Revival of economy)
  91. Famous book legend of Punjab (R C Temple)
  92. Nathu La Pass was located in (Sikkhim)
  93. Bakhra Nangal Dam was Situated on (Sutluj)
  94. Doctrine of Lapse was Started by (Dalhousie)
  95. Who Led the Sikh forces in Battle of Baddowal (Ranjodh Singh)
  96. Dada Sahib Phalke award for the year 2009 was given to (D Ramanaidu)