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115. गीतामाश्रित्य बहवो भूभुजो जनकादयः। निर्धूतकल्मषा लोके गीतायाताः परं पदम्॥२०॥
In English : gītāmāśritya bahavo bhūbhujo janakādayaḥ| nirdhūtakalmaṣā loke gītāyātāḥ paraṁ padam||20||
Meaning : In this world, taking refuge in the Gita many kings like Janaka and others have reached the highest state or goal, purified of all sins. It is so sung. Those who hear or read day and night the scripture Gita should not be regarded as human beings; they are verily gods. All sins whether committed knowingly or unknowingly, through senses or otherwise, get destroyed instantaneously by a constant study of the Gita. Fie on the learning, conduct, observances, activity, austerity and renown of that person who has not studied the Gita; he is lowly indeed. He who wishes to cross the fearful ocean of Samsara reaches its other shore easily by mounting on the boat of the Gita.