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1301 the international date line passes through bering strait gibraltar strait florida strait malacca strait
1302 sense of time is due to rotation of the earth revolution of the earth rotation of moon both a&b
1303 which of the following countries is a great circle ? tropic of cancer the equatar tropic of capricorn the arctic circle
1304 greenwich mean time is the standard time of which of the following countries ? india japan u.k france
1305 at which particular place on earth are days and night of equal length always ? prime meridian poles equatar no where
1306 which of the following would be the longitudinal distance when there is a difference of one hour in standard time of two places? 20 16 15 90
1307 one degree of longitude on the equator is equal to distance of 34.5 miles 69 milies 60milies 50 milies
1308 the international date line is located in the pacific ocean atlantic ocean indian ocean arctic ocean
1309 U.S.A is divided into�.time zones 1 5 7 11
1310 tf a traveller going from vancouver to tokyo crosses the international date line on Saturday that will be the day for him at tokyo? Sunday Saturday Monday Friday
1311 a one day cricket match between india and england starts at10.00AM in london.the direct telecast of the match will begin in india at 3.30 am 8.30 nm 3.30 pm 8.30 pm
1312 the international date line passes through the bass strait bering strait cook strait horb strait
1313 when it is 12 noon at greenwich what is the time at newyork 4.56 pm 4.56 am 3.39 pm 7.04 am
1314 at which of the following places watches will show 5.30 am when it is 12.00 midnight g.m.t ? canberra new delhi new york singapore
1315 on degree of langitude on the equator is equal to a distance of 34.5 miles 59 miles 61 milies 69 milies
1316 maximum difference in the spacing of longitude is at poles at equatar at tropic at arctic circle
1317 there are two places Pand Q.the longitudeof p and q are 45E and 60W recpectively what will be the difference in there local times 1 hours 3 hours 7hours 15 hours
1318 which one of the following is the correct number of latitudes drawn in the form of circles on the whole globe at the interval of 10 17 18 19 20
1319 how many lines of latitudes are there on the globe ? 90 180 181 360
1320 which would be the right time,if in india it is 5.30pm ? tokyo 11.50pm london12 noon china 6 pm america 9 pm
1321 the total time of a place is known with reference to its distance from the capital city height above the sea level latitudinal position longitudinal position
1322 if a person file on 8 hours journeyfrom honolulu westward to tokyo on Monday at 10 pm ., on which day will be arrive at his destination ? Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday
1323 the international date line does not cut fiji island to keep the same day as in honolulu new zealand samoa islands tonga islands
1324 the shortest distance between two point on the earth surfacein the arc of the great circle passing throughthem.so a route of navigation is known as loxodrome orthodrome rhumbline merdian route
1325 prime meridian is also called equatar arctic circle greenwich meridian antractic circle
1326 canada with a longitudinal extent of about 90 degree is dividedinto �.. Time zones 2 3 4 5
1327 a nevigator coming from tokyo on Monday crosses the international date line. The next day is new york will be Monday Tuesday Sunday Wednesday
1328 the longitude of calcutta can be determined with reference to its distance from tropic of cancer the equatar the arctic circle tropic of capricorn
1329 in navigating short distances vessels follow compass direction. Such route are known as loxodrome orthodrome compass routes great circle routes
1330 what is the approximate distance between libreville and singapore 95km 945km 95 km 10545 km 31353 km
1331 in how many timezones has the wordbeen divided? 15 24 90 180
1332 the difference between ISTand GMT is 3 hours 15 hours 5 hours 30 minutes 4 hours 30 minutes
1333 all the watches of a country are set according to local time standard time of the country greenwich mean time time of sunrise
1334 when it is noon at cairo the local time at newyork 3.00pm 9.00pm 5.00am 7.00pm
1335 when a ship coming from U.S.A crosses the international date line to reach japan then the ship will have six day week seven day week eight day week nine day week
1336 the australian time is ahead of ISTby 2 hours 4 hours 5 hours 6 hours
1337 the wind system in tge equatorial areas is known as westerlies trades doldrums moonsons
1338 warm dry winds blowing down the east siopes of rockies are known as mistal nor westers foehn chinook
1339 the phenomenon of aurora borealis the display of red and green light is northen hemisphere is due to radiations from troposphere mesosphere stratosphere inosphere
1340 the doldrums is an area of low temperature low pressure low rainfall low humidity
1341 the moonsoon has well developed cycle in south and south east asia north australia east united state africa
1342 which one of the following is the most destructive ? cyclone tornado typhoon willy-willy
1343 the winds blowing from sea towards the costal areas are called ocean currents land breeze coastal winds sea breeze
1344 atmospheric pressure exerted on earth is due to gravitational pull of the earth rotation of earth revolution of earth uneven heating of earth
1345 the term used for the zone at low pressure and light and variable winds in the oceanic equatorial regions is depression doldrums horse-latitudes inter-tropical convergence
1346 increases in carbon dioxide in atmosphere causes rise in earth temperature fall in earth temperature unifom earth temperature increase in ultraviolet rays
1347 the hot and dry winds that helps in the ripening of grapes in the alps region is chinook foehn mistral roaring forties
1348 which of the following occur more frequently that the other three in the indian ocean ? cyclones hurricanes tornadoes typhoons
1349 which of the following winds is not a constant wind ? cyclones hurricanes monsoons westerlies
1350 beaufort scale is used to measure air pressure wind velocity wind direction humidity
1351 which of the following winds are known as anti trade winds ? westerlies chinook cyclones typhoons
1352 the plane of contact of the troposphere and startosphere is known as mesosphere inosphere stratopause tropopause
1353 in the southern hemisphere the westerlies blow from north north east north west south east
1354 moonsoons which blows from the sea to the land for six months and from the land to the sea for the other six months are whirl winds variable winds periodical winds constants winds
1355 the cold and dense aie blowing down the mountain slope during the night are known as anabatic winds khamis katabatic winds harmatten
1356 countries favourably influenced by westerlies are western europe new zealand south chile all of these
1357 when the winds is deflected due to the rotation of the earth it ts called as geostropic wind polar wind westerlies trade winds
1358 the polar front theory explains the origin of polar winds origin of cyclones origin of anticyclones origin of airmass
1359 the ozone layer is the upper part of the atmosphere protects us from cosmic rays ultrasonic waves infrared rays ultraviolet rays
1360 which one of the following is npt a correct example of tropical cyclones ? tornadoes typhoons hurricanes nor westers
1361 which of the following is a cold winds ? buran foehn chinook sirocco
1362 which one of the following atmospheric layer lies closely above the troposphere ? mesosphere mesosphere stratopause inosphere
1363 the jet stream is found in the troposphere hydrosphere stratopause mesosphere
1364 temperate cyclones bring along with them pleasant weather snowfall and hail thunderstorms an torrential rainfall mild rainfall
1365 gales are high velocity winds which blows with velocity of 60 to 100kmph 100 to 120 kmph 120 to 150 kmph 150 kmph&above
1366 the dry wind santa anna blows in siberia argentina switzerland california
1367 the portion of the atmosphere which extends from the earths surface up-to 6-8 miles and ezperiences decreases in temperature at constant rate is stratosphere troposphere hydrosphere mesosphere
1368 temperate cyclones bring along with them pleasant weather snowfall and hail mild rainfall thunderstorms an torrential rainfall
1369 in the northen hemisphere,currents are deflected to their right due to centrifugal coriolis force cyclonic storms none of these
1370 which one of the following is a type of planetary wind ? westerlies monsoons loo tornadoes
1371 in the northen hemisphere,the wind blowing from the horse latitudes to the doldrums is called westerly wind trade wind polar easterly jet stream
1372 the lowest layer of atmosphere is known as stratosphere troposphere mesosphere inosphere
1373 which of the following has the highest wind velocity ? joo tornado typhoons hurricanes
1374 the chemically inactive gas presents in the atmosphere is nitrogen argon water vapour oxygen
1375 the planetary winds variously known as roaring forties furious fifties and stormy sixties are trade winds cyclones westerlies polar winds
1376 the instrument is used for measuring air pressure is called anemometer barometer hygrometer thermometer
1377 the amount of albedo in the atmosphere is about 50% 42% 37% 15%
1378 which of the following terms denotes the atmospheric level at which the decrease of temperature with heaght ceases to prevail? troposphere stratosphere mesosphere inosphere
1379 the layer of the atmosphere which provides ideal condition for flying of jet aeroplanes is stratosphere mesosphere troposphere inosphere
1380 in the northen hemisphere the winds are defected to the left to the right upwards downwards
1381 which one of the following costituents of the atmosphere causes greatest changes in climate and weather ? nitrogen water vapour oxygen argon
1382 which layer of the earth atmosphere reflects back the radio waves of the earth surface ? inosphere mesosphere stratosphere troposphere
1383 oxygen is the upper atmosphere is converted into nitrogen oxygen ozone carbon dioxide
1384 doldrums are delts of low atmospheric pressure obtained in the region adjoining the equator to a distance of 5 degree latitude towards the north only 5 degree latitude towards the south only 5 degree latitude towards north and south 15 degree latitude towards north and south
1385 the typhoons are more frequently experienced in the north sea the west indies islands the philippine islands the laccadive islands
1386 in north america the hot dry winds that blow on eastern side of the rocky mountains are called joo foehn chinook sirocco
1387 local thunderstorms nor westers are prominent in punjab west bengal andhra pradesh tamil nadu
1388 which of the following is the upper most layer of the atmosphere? exosphere stratosphere troposphere mesosphere
1389 mistal is a dry local winds warm dry local winds hoy dry local winds warm moist local winds
1390 the proportion of nitrogen is dry air is 21% by volume 78% by volume 50% by volume 21% by weight
1391 the instrument is used for finding out winds dircction is anemometer wind vane wind gauze hydrometer
1392 what is the main cause of the mevement in the earth atmosphere? difference in air pressure difference in temperature solar energy wind
1393 the unit for measurement of atmospheric pressure grams per cubic meter kilometer per hours kilograms per square meter millimeter
1394 trade winds blow is the northen hemisphere form north to south south to north north to east north-east to south-west
1395 which of the following geses in the atmosphere provides a shield against the haramful ultravoilet rays of the sun ? nitrogen ozone oxygen carbon dioxide
1396 the centre of a cyclone is called apex vertex eye focus
1397 at the atitude increases temperature decreases at the rate of 1 degree C for every 200 feet 300 feet 400 feet 450 feet
1398 the tropical cyclones of the bay of bengal are usally called tornado hurricanes typhoons depressions
1399 the persentage of oxygen in the atmospheric oxygen is approximately 10% 20% 39% 70%
1400 which of the following is the most destructive ? tornado hurricanes cyclone willy-willy
1401 the instrument is used to measure the atmopheric pressure is hydrometer hygrometer pressure gauge barometer
1402 which of the following occurs more frequently than the pther three in india ocean ? cyclone hurricanes tornado typhoons
1403 which part of the total amount of sun energy does the top atmosphere of the earth directly reflects back into space ? one-half one- third one-fifth one-tenth
1404 aneometer is an instrument used to find the wind direction measure humidity measure wind speed measure prepitation
1405 when it rains the relative humidity in the atmosphere 0 percent 50 percent 75 percent 100 percent
1406 clouds with vertical development are known as cirrus cumolonimbus stratus cirrocumulus
1407 the instrument used for measuring relative humidity in air is hydrograph hygrograph pantograph barograph
1408 which of the following is not a form of precipitation ? rainfall waterfall dew fog
1409 clear night are colder than cloudy night be cause of precipation condensation insolation radiation
1410 a sudden fall in the barometric reading indicates rain storm fine wheather extreme cold
1411 hail storm occurs in summer season due to the formation of clouds called cumulus cumulonimbus cirrus cirrocumulus
1412 the dense mass of small water drops on smoke or dust particles in the lower layer of the atmosphere is hail frost fog dew
1413 which type of rain is caused by ascent of moisture laden air along a mountain convectional rainfall orographic rainfall cyclonic rainfall all of the above
1414 relative humidity of the atmosphere is directly affected by change in atmospheric pressure change in atmospheric temperature change in direction of winds nono of these
1415 atmospheric humidity is measured by psychrometer anemometer hydrometer lysimeter
1416 the form of precipitation in which the raindrops get frozen into ice on coming in contact with a cold lyer of air near the earths surface is called fog hail sleet snowfall
1417 cyclonic rainfall largely occurs in egypt india u.k mexico
1418 when the rainfalls through a cold layer of air near the earths surface rain drops get frozen into ice.this type of precipation is called fog hailstones snowfalls sleet
1419 the form of precipitation associated with strong convective currents in thunder storm? hail fog snowf rain
1420 which one of the following islands receives convectional rainfall ? cyprus sumatra cuba greenland
1421 which could is known a high cloud? cirrus stratus nimbus cumulus
1422 when moist air meets cold surface of earth some of the water vapours condense on a particles of dust in air. It is called dew fog mist cloud
1423 in the diserts the amount of rainfall per annum is less than 250cm less than 50cm less than 550cm less than 3000cm
1424 which of the following terms is not connected with the study of climate? dew point flash point hygrogram stevenson screen
1425 which of the following clouds is made up to tiny ice particle ? cumulus clouds stratus cloud cumulonimbus cloud cirrus cloud
1426 the highest annual precipitation occurs in canadian shield congo basin siberian plains amazon basin
1427 which of the following is not a form of precipitation ? fog snowfall hail rain fall
1428 the nature of the winter rainfall is north western india is convectional orographic monsoonal cyclonic
1429 which of the following types of rainfall is often accompanied with lightning and thander? orographic convectional frontal none of these
1430 the type of clouds which is the thander cloud and associated with heavy rain is cumulonimbus cirrus strato-cumulus cirrostratus
1431 which type of rainfall leads to the information of the windward and the leeward side? convectional convectional orographic all of these
1432 which type of rainfall occurs at place having continents type of climate ? convectional convectional relief rainfall does not occur at these places
1433 water vapour beyond the dew point results in precipitation hailstorm condensation formation of ice
1434 convectional rainfall is common in tundra region tiaga region mediterranean region equatorial region
1435 the amount of actual water vapour of air is known as absolute humidity dew point relative humidity condensation point
1436 in the original clay sediment are subjected to high temperature and pressure they successively change into rock the correct order of which is slate,shale,schist schist,slate,shale shale,slate,schist shale,slate,schist
1437 artesian wells are found in sedimentry rock igneous rocks metamorphic rock none of these
1438 sedimentry rock are formed by the prosses of metamorphism deposition weathering solidification
1439 sandstone belongs to arenaceous rocks argillaceous rocks carbonaceous rocks calcareous rocks
1440 in which type of rocks are coal and petroleum found ? granite igneous metamorphic sedimentry
1441 sand stone belongs to arenaceous rocks argillaceous rocks calcareous rocks carbonaceous rocks
1442 grit is another name for shale sandstone granite breccia
1443 innermost part of earth is made of sial sima nife ag
1444 which of the following is not a sedimentry rock? limestone marble sandstone shale
1445 which metal is most abundant in the earths crust? calcium magnesium aluminium iron
1446 which of the following pairs is correct? shale-possesse lamination quartzite-soft rock granite-sometimes cantains fossils basalt-coarse gained rock
1447 which of the following rocks is transformed into marble ? granite limestone shale peat
1448 which of the following is a metamorphic rock ? slate granite limestone sandstone
1449 terra rossa which typically develops in terrains is composed of limestone red sandstone granite syenite
1450 artesian wells are formed in basalt rocks coral rocks aquifer rocks dykes
1451 earths crust below the ocean is composed of sedimentary rocks igeous rocks metamorphic rocks none of these
1452 in which type of rocks are metals like gold and copper mostly found ? old sedimentary old igneous old metamorphic new metamorphic
1453 dolerite is an example of dyke batholith lopolith sill
1454 the type of igneous rocks which are formed midway between volcanic and plutonic rocks are known as basalt hypabyssal laccolith batholith
1455 which of the following is an argillaceous rock ? shale limestone granite limestone
1456 the type of sedimentary rocks formed by the deposition by wind are called arenaceous rocks argillaceous rocks aeolean rocks lacustrine rocks
1457 which is the metamorphic equivelent of sandstone ? graphite gneiss quartzite schist
1458 the dome shaped plutonic igneous rocks are called laccoliths batholiths lopoliths dyke
1459 coal is an example of stone igneous rock sedimentary rock metamorphic rock
1460 rooks which are formed by the solidification of lava are sandstone basalts limestone granite
1461 basalts rock is an example of igneous rock sedimentary rock metamorphic rock stone
1462 which of the following is not an intrusive igneous rock ? basalts dyke batholiths laccoliths
1463 pumice is derived from sedimentary rock volcanic rocks coral rocks aquifer rocks
1464 the lightest layer of the earth is nife sima mantle sial
1465 density of the core of the earth is expected to be 2.75 5 6 17.2
1466 which of the following pairs incorrect gneiss-metamorphic rocks salt-sedimentary dolirite-igneous dolomite-igneous
1467 the core of the earth is also known as lithosphere mesosphere barysphere centrosphere
1468 which of the following rocks is a metamorphic equivalent of sandstone ? gneiss marble granite quartzite
1469 time is found is basic igneous rock metamorphic rock placer deposits all of these
1470 the most abundant element in the earth crust is aluminium nitrogen oxygen phosphorus
1471 which of the following leyer of the earth is believed to have the heaviest mineral material of highest density ? certral core mantle crust nono of these
1472 earthquakes rarely occurs in alaska brazil mexico newzealand
1473 calbera is a feature associated with volcanoes earthquakes folding of rock faulting of mountains
1474 the instrument used for recording earthquakes waves is borograph hydrograph pantograph seimograph
1475 which ocean has the world largest number of active volcanoes & so is called ring of fire ? indian ocean atlantic ocean pacific ocean antarctic ocean
1476 earthquakes are caused by landslide denudation eruption of volcanoes nono of these
1477 earthquakes and volcanoes occurs mostly in plateau region deep sea plains coastal region folded and faulted region
1478 the phenomenon of an opening in the earth surface through which a jet of hot water and steam is forced out at regular intervals is called crater geyser volcano hot spring
1479 the intensity of earthquakes is measured ofn beaufort scale richter scale mercalli scale secant scale
1480 the volcanic region ring of fire surrounds indian ocean atlantic ocean arabian sea pacific ocean
1481 what type of valcano is vesuvius ? extinct dead valcano active valcano dormant
1482 molten rock below the surface of the earth is called basalts magma laccoliths lava
1483 tsunami is a large sea wave caused by an earthquakes experienced along the coasts of india china australia japan
1484 mauna loa is an example of active valcano extinct valcano plateau is a valcano region dormant valcano
1485 the vertical igneous rock inside the earth surface are called laccoliths sill baddoliths dyke
1486 valcanic activity leads to the formation of coastal terraces river valleys crater lakes limestone caves
1487 earthquakes are caused by tectonic force below the earth surface valcanic eruptions cyclones nuclear explosions
1488 which of the following folds is known as iso-clinal fold ? symmetrical fold recumbent fold fan fold asymmetrial fold
1489 tectonics force is related with the building of various features of mountains ocean floor earths surface earths crust
1490 the movement inside the earths crust is studied by geodesy geology plate tectonics seismology
1491 a depression more than one kilometer in diameter caused by the callapse of the centre of a volcano is called crater rift valley calbera canyon
1492 oceanic tidal waves which result ffom earthquakes are known as hurricanes syzygy tornadoes tsunami
1493 synclines and anticlines are the term associated with earthquakes faulting folding volcanoes
1494 which of the following can be a cause of earthquakes ? presence of underground water volcanic eruptions burrowing animals none of these
1495 which valcano in the philippines erupted after remaining dormant for nearly six centuries ? mt.fujiyama mr.unzen barren islands mt.pinatubo
1496 the material that comes out of a volcano at the time of erruption is solid,liquidand gaseous solid and liquid solid and gaseous liquid and gaseous
1497 earthquakes occurs frequently in eastern coast of asia island of south east western coast of asia all of the above area
1498 which type of lake is formed by volcanic activity ? caldera lake karst lake lagoon freash water lake
1499 which of the following is a post volcanic activity ? earthquakes lava ejection thermal spring formation typical behaviour of animals
1500 plutonic earthquakes have their focus at a dept of 50km 50-250km 250-750km 250-350km
1501 volcanoes that have not erupted at all in historic times but retain the features of volcanoes are callrd active dormant sleeping extinct
1502 the inctrument used for recording tremors oe earth is known as crescograph lactometer seismograph hydrometer
1503 shields valcanoes refers to exclusive lava repeated lavaflows individual lava none of these
1504 the range of the strength of earthquakes observed generally oc the richter scale is 0 to 6 0 to 7 0 to 8 0 to 9
1505 which european country has over 2000 volcanoes many of them still active ? finland iceland areland norway
1506 how are the caves of the word greatest fold mountain formed ? regular movement vertical movement horizontal movement compressional movement
1507 which of the following is a dormant valcano vesuvius in italy etna is sicily mt. popa in burma stromboli in sicily
1508 which of the following is not helpful for delta formation slow speed long river course tidal nature of waves none of these
1509 which of the following processes brings the land surface to a common level ? aggadation erosion weathering gradation
1510 which one of the following regions contains doline land features ? volcanic deltaic karast galciated
1511 mechanial weathering leads to �..rock erosion dunudation disintegration aggadation
1512 sheet erosion over eaths surface is caused with the action of shifting cultivation strong words moving ice heavy rains
1513 when rivers carrying a load enter the sea, their flow get checked,the much of the material so carried is deposited off-shore. Such deposits result in the formation of an atoll a delta a harbour a lake
1514 which of the following features is not formed by running water ? valley tunnels gorges canyons
1515 meanders are the features formed by glaciers wind rivers ocean water
1516 which of the following moraines is formed at the start of glaciers ? englacial moraine recessional moraine terminal moraine lateral moraine
1517 exfoliation of rock takes place due to carbonation and hydration oxidation and carbonation thermal expansion and contraction hydration and oxidation
1518 erosion of soil by a rever mainly depends upon its depth its length its speed at which it flows its width
1519 mechanical erosion caused by loose solid material during its transporation termed as eluvitation corrosion corrasion drift
1520 the most ideal condition for the chemical weathering are found in cold dry region cold and humid region hot and dry region condition for the chemical weathering are found in cold dry region hot and humid region
1521 which is the following is a chemical weathering process ? frost action hydraulic action oxidation thermal expansion
1522 which is the following predominantly acts as the agent of chemical erosion of soil ? glacier seawave wind underground water
1523 which is the following agents of gradation is responsible for the formation of barkhans glacier wind underground water waves
1524 which is the following repersents a process of chemical weathering ? thermal expansion and contraction frost action mass exfoliation hydration and hydrolysis
1525 a crique is developed by glacier wind waves running water
1526 formation of pot holes in river beds is an example of corrosion corrasion eluvitation hydration
1527 exposure of rock to the changes of temperature is the cause of biological weathering chemical weathering degradational weathering mechanical weathering
1528 the blow outs are formed in sandy deserts by abrasion attrition corrasion deflation
1529 the type of phenomenon occuring in rever bed due upward flow of water from underground spring is called sand dune whirlpool quick sand meander
1530 the young alluvium of the flood plains is called khaddar floe bhandar none of these
1531 the problem of leaching of the soil is more pronounced in the areas where the rainfall is scanty less than average average heavy
1532 the main type of weathering is a region of limestone topography is mechanical weathering chemical weathering exfoliation attrition
1533 which one of the following terms refers to the process of scooping the soil and blowing it away in arid areas ? abrasion deflection deflation none of these
1534 moon shaped sand dunes formed by wind action are called cirque bajada barkhans mesa
1535 a ribbon lake is common in upper courses of rivers rift valleys glaciated valleys none of these
1536 the land area consisting of bare rocks, swept clear of sand and dust by wind is called stony desert hamada bajada chebka
1537 which is the following features is the work of underground water ? a crique a cave a mushroom rock a cliff
1538 sief is a structure formed by the action of river glacier wind sea waves
1539 stalacties and stalagmites are feature associated with granite basalt wind sandstone
1540 stones which are carried away with the river water aquire a distinct shape. These stone are known as peneplain pangaea conglomerates paralic pangaea
1541 in which course of a river are distributaries formed ? lower course meandering course middle course upper course
1542 which of the following is a feature formed by rivers ? cirque inselberg moraine meander
1543 when almost all the elevated portions are worn down by river erosion reducing an area to almost a plain region it is termed as fanplain panplain pediplain peneplain
1544 the pieces of rocks that are shattered by frost action embedded in the glacier and brought down by them are called conglometrates sediments moraines inselbergs
1545 which of the following is a warm ocean current ? kuroshio peruvian benguela none of these
1546 which one of the following pairs of ocean currents meet each other near newfound land ? canaries and kuraile canaries and labrador gulf stream and canaries gulf stream and labrador
1547 which of the following is a cold currents ? kuroshio benguela brazil gulf stream
1548 the most salty sea in the word is dead sea red sea ural sea black sea
1549 the direction of ocean currents is reversed with season ? in the pacific ocean in the atlantic ocean in the indian ocean in the mediterranean sea
1550 which is the average salt content in a litre of sea water ? 39 gm 37 gm 35 gm 32 gm
1551 among the following the deepest sea is caribbean sea red sea mediterranean sea bering sea
1552 which of the following is not a warm current ? benguela current kuroshio current canaries current agulhas current
1553 which of the following currents is associated with the indian ocean ? benguela current canaries current kuroshio current british columbian current
1554 the deposit trench mariana trench is in pacific ocean atlantic ocean indian ocean mediterranean sea
1555 in the ocean water moves horizontally over vast areas due to slope of the ocean floor waves currents density difference
1556 the word largest lake is lake victoria lake superior caspian sea black sea
1557 sargassa sea is located in north pacific ocean north atlantic north sea south atlanric ocean
1558 the north and south equatorial currents are caused by difference in temperatures equatorial climate the prevailing trades the prevailing westerlies
1559 the word deepest trench is in pacific ocean indian ocean atlantic ocean mediterranean sea
1560 the tide at its maximum height is known as equinox neap tide spring tide tsunami
1561 the benguela current touches the eastern coast of south america west bengal indian cost west african coast
1562 the warm ocean current of the west pacific which set in close to philippnes running north eastwaed past formusa and the southern island of japan is called gulf stream kuroshio current brazil current bengula current
1563 which of the following is a cold ocean current ? labrador gulf stream kuroshio mozambique
1564 a huge mass of ice fed snow on a high mountain slowly sliding downhill before it starts melting is called avalanche glacier iceberg typhoon
1565 the greatest known ocean depth is 8,890m 9,653m 10,589m 11,033m
1566 which is the smallest among the following water bodies ? arctic sea hudson bay japan sea okhotsk sea
1567 which ocean current is popularly known as warm blanket of europe ? east australian current brazil current equatorial current gulf stream
1568 which of the following is a current of the pacific ocean ? kuroshio current equatorial current west australian current brazil current
1569 the largest reserves of fresh water on the earth surface is in north america south america u.s.s.r. africa
1570 victoria falls in africa are located on river niger river congo river zambezi river nile
1571 which one of the following is correctly matched ? canary current-mediterranean sea falkland current-arabian sea gulf stream- pacific ocean labrador current -north atlantic ocean
1572 the north and south equatorial currents are caused by differences in temperatures equatorial climate the prevailing trades the prevailing westerlies
1573 the phenomenon of an opening occuring in the earth surface through which a jet of hot water and steam is forced out at regular intervals is called gorge stream geyser canyon
1574 which of the following is not a fresh water lake ? l.erie l.titicaca l.ontario L.huron
1575 which is the largest sea in the word ? caspian sea south china sea mediterranean sea north sea
1576 the ocean currents transfer heat from one sea or ocean to another one cost to another the surface of the sea to greater depths lower to higher altitudes
1577 the smallest ocean in the word is pacific ocean atlantic ocean indian ocean arctic ocean
1578 high mean temperature high relative humidity and heavy rainfall are the characteristic features of the monsoon region mediterranean region equatorial region savanna region
1579 mild and rainy winter warm and dry summers are the characteristic features of tropical graslands monsoon region mediterranean region temperate grasslands
1580 which of the following region specialises in the cultivation of citrus fruits ? equatorial region mediterranean region polar region tundra region
1581 the hot deserts of the world are generally found near the equator the doldrums the tundras the horse latitude
1582 the climate characteristics of which of the following natural region are dry summers and moist winter ? china type region mediterranean region monsoon region coniferous forest region
1583 mahogany is the name of the tree found in the tropical monsoon forests mediterranean forests coniferous forest tropical evergreen forests
1584 wood pulp comes from mediterranean region equatorial region coniferous forest region temperate region
1585 the most advanced tundra inhabitants are eskimos lapps yakuts samoyeds
1586 the collective farms in the stepprs of eurasia are termed as campos estancias kolkhoz corals
1587 trees and hardwood and dense canopy are generally found in deciduous forests evergreen forests tidal forests alpine forests
1588 which of the following groups repersent karst region ? causes & pennies inselberg & demoiselles lapies & polje uvala & zeugen
1589 which of the following animals is caught for fur by the nomadic eskimos of polar tundra ? bear caribou mink walrus
1590 the tropical grassland of africa are known as steppes savannas pampas downs
1591 sunderbans is the name of tropical forests tidal forests alpine forests evergreen forest
1592 which one of the following is found on the western coast of continents between 30 & 40 degree latitudes ? tropical graslands region mediterranean climate region equatorial region hot desert climate region
1593 which of the following environment supports the growth of mangrove swamp ? tidal flat monsoon equatorial mixed
1594 which of the following characteries the deserts forests ? pointed leaves dense leaves canopy leaves broad leaves
1595 which of the following types of forests mostly grow in the belt lying between 50 nand 70n ? temperate hardwood forests temperate coniferous forests temperate deciduous forests tropical evergreen forests
1596 mosses and lichens are the characteristic vegetation of hot diserts region mediterranean region temperate region tundra region
1597 the lanos and campos of south amarica are example of savannas region equatorial region coniferous region deciduous region
1598 long treeless grassy palms are charadteristics of campos llanos pampas prairies
1599 which is a not a tundra type of vegetation ? sedges steppes mosses lichens
1600 kirghiz live in north-eastern india western asia west-central asia south africa
1601 the zones of excessively dry climate with very cold temperature the year correspond to alpine meadows antarctica arctic deserts tundra
1602 which climate region has the least temperature range ? equatorial region monsoon region mediterranean region temperate region
1603 which of the following correctly refers to the term taiga? deciduous forests of canada coniferous forest of siberia equatorial forest of amazon monsoon forest of taiwan
1604 tropical evengreen forest are confined to areas whica receive an annual rainfall of less than 100cm 100 to 150cm 150 to 200cm over 300cm
1605 which of the following is a tropical grassland ? pampas prairies velds savannas
1606 existence of hot deserts on earth is because of cutting of forest of in large scale flow of hot ocean currents flow of monsoon in tropical region high pressure in these region
1607 the vied grassland of south africa experiences the continental savanna climate the maritime savanna climate the steppe climate the tropical deserts climate
1608 the mediterranean lands are often called the woelds grazing lands forest lands orchard lands paddy lands
1609 the contra rebels belongs to argentina brazil nicaragua none of these
1610 the tiaga belt lies between mediterranean climate and tundra monsoon climate and tundra temperate grassland and tundra tibet type climate and tundra
1611 the climate characteristics of which of the following natural region is high temperate and high rainfall through the year ? equatorial monsoon mediterranean hot deserts
1612 high velds are the temperate grassland of africa south australia europe and asia south america
1613 which of the following region gets no rainfall throughtout the year ? The equatorial region the tundra region the himalayan region the mediterranean region
1614 which of the following pairs is correctly matched ? mediterranean regiongroundnut tundra region-mosses china region type -tea west-european region-corn
1615 in the semi-arid and temperate grasslands,the mast commonly found animals are donkey and horses reindeers camels sheep and goat
1616 which of the following trees is not a soft wood variety ? fir mahogany pine spruce
1617 the natural vegetation of savanna consists of tall grass scrub jungle short grass trees
1618 chestnut belong to tropical forest temperate forest savannas forests coniferous forests
1619 the greatest diversity of animals and plants species occurs in tropical moist forest temperate deciduous forest heavily polluted rivers deserts and savannas
1620 platypus is a kind of animals found in africa america asia australia
1621 which one of the following tribes treats its cattle with great respect and affection and do not kill them for food or for sale as meat ? bedouins bindibu bushmen masai
1622 which of the following pairs is incorrect ? eskimos-alaska pygmies-congo basin bedouins-sahara fellahin-nigeria
1623 what type of vegetation is associated with argentina ? coniferous forests equatorial forests pampas prairies
1624 africa has an extensive stretch of hot steppe lands. Such lands are also found in northen india northen australia mexico all of these
1625 which country falls in all three natural region hot deserts,mediterranean and cool temperate type of climate ? chile israel lebanon none of these
1626 zebu is an anciet tride of mongolia a type of animal in canada cattle kept by masai a variety of trees growing in argentina
1627 photoperiodism is well developed in plant of coniferous forests equatorial region forests temperate grasslands polar region
1628 people living in north africa with islam as their religion are called fellahins bedouins moors maoris
1629 mid-latitudes or temperate forest include the trees of olive,maple,walnut pine,fir,spruce rosewood,rubber teak,sal,bamboo
1630 teak and sal are the principal trees in the forests known as dry deciduous dry evengreen tropical moist forest tropical moist evengreen
1631 the main occupation of ekimos and lapps is hunting or fishing farming in summer manufacturing handicraft lumbering in winter
1632 which of the following natural region is not found in the torrid zone ? temperate forest savannas forests coniferous forests equatorial forest
1633 which of the following natural region is known as the big game country or a land of safari ? temperate grassland region equatorial region tropical deserts savanna or tropical grassland region
1634 negroes of south-west are called niggers blacks hottentots pygmies
1635 which of the following regions bear mainly the coniferous forests ? southern part of india south america southern island of newzealand central,easternand western part of north america
1636 which vegetation is called natural cattle country ? savannas downs selva praires
1637 wood pulp comes from coniferous forests region equatorial region tropical region temperate region
1638 the homeland of yakuts is u.s.s.r u.s.a argentina nigeria
1639 zebra inhabit equatorial region savanna lands coniferous forests region downs
1640 slovenese are people inhabiting czechoslovakia yogoslavia australia austria
1641 which of the following are not pastoral nomads ? kazaks lapps masai pygmies
1642 monsoon deciduous forests occurs mainly in the regions with rainfall less than 50 cm 50-100cm 100-200 cm more than 200 cm
1643 extremely short statured people of congo basin are called yakuts pygmies masai fallahin
1644 pastaz are temperate grassland is australia hungry south africa egypt
1645 vine production is mainly carried out in which of the following natural regions ? equatorial region mediterranean region savanna coniferous region
1646 tropical decoduous or monsoonal forests occurs in siberia,alaska,u.s.a, newzealand,spain,france u.s.s.r,u.k, burma,india,brazil
1647 mediterranean type of climate prevails in the united states in the gulf coast great lakes region california coast atlantic coast
1648 the driest spot on earth in the atacama deserts parts of which went without rain for 400 years africa asia canada south africa
1649 the term parhland is used for savannas coniferous forests mediterranean deciduous forests
1650 in which country would one find the yak ? nepal newzealand siberia tibet
1651 middle latitude drsert type of climate prevails in aralo-caspian region central siberia ural region the ukraine region
1652 which of the following central asian countries has the common boundary with iran pakistan,china and soviet union ? afganistan india bhutan mongolia
1653 cuba is in pacific ocean atlantic ocean indian ocean red sea
1654 diego garcia is in arabian sea indian ocean bay of bengal atlantic ocean
1655 suez canal joins red sea and arabian sea red sea and mediterranean sea arabian sea and mediterranean sea north sea and baltic sea
1656 which of the following is the capital of bulgaria ? sofia danube rio de janeiro belgrade
1657 the equator cuts throught which of the following islands madagascar tasmania java borneo
1658 which of the following countries does not have a common land frontier with zaire ? namibia angola sudan zambia
1659 sahara deserts is in africa canada asia south africa
1660 of the following the european country is algeria libya venezuela albania
1661 nippon is the new name of hongkong taiwan japan macao
1662 helsinki is the capital of thailand finland norway sweden
1663 the australian state which is an island is queensland java tasmania new guinea
1664 which of the following countries was formerly known as siam ? myanmar surinam cambodia thailand
1665 the capital of federal republic of germany is frankfurt munich hamburg berlin
1666 sargassa sea is located in north pacific ocean north sea north atlantic ocean south atlantic ocean
1667 which one of the following pairs of seas does the suez canal connect ? indian ocean- pacific ocean mediterranean sea- black sea mediterranean sea-red sea atlantic ocean
1668 hawaiian islands are located in north pacific ocean north atlantic ocean north sea south atlantic ocean
1669 elephant pass is located in india pakistan sri lanka china
1670 which of the following continents has the largest area ? europe africa north america south america
1671 which of the following countries has the largest area in the world ? canada u.s.a u.s.s.r china
1672 strait of malacca separates sumatra and malaysia java and brunei sumatra and java malaysia and brunei
1673 the only hindu state in the word is sri lanka sumatra nepal bhutan
1674 the island of seychelles are located in the atlantic ocean indian ocean pacific ocean arctic ocean
1675 which one of the following is not anafrican country ? mauritania gabon yemen cemeroon
1676 the capital of bolivia is sofia lagos hamilton la paz
1677 the capital of unified vietnal is phnom penh saigon ho-chi-minh hanoi
1678 the prime meridian does not pass through france ghana germany algeria
1679 the capital of uganda is accar europe kampala africa
1680 peru is located in the continent of america africa europe asia
1681 gibraltar is a dependency of denmark portugal britain none of these
1682 the kiel canal link the mediterranean sea- black sea mediterranean sea-red sea indian ocean- pacific ocean north sea and baltic sea
1683 which of the following countries is situated near atlantic ocean ? australia russia u.s.a none of these
1684 which of the following countries is south asia are blocked ? bhutan and pakistan nepal and bangladesh bangladesh and rhutan bhutan and nepal
1685 in south-east asia the only land locked country is kampuchea laos malaysia thailand
1686 which of the following is not a scandinavian country ? norway belgium britain none of these
1687 the strait which separates africa from europe is hook strait strait of gibraltar palk strait bering strait
1688 namibia is the new name of cambodia zaire rhodesia south-west africa
1689 which is the greatest archipelago on the globe ? japan west indies indonesia philippines
1690 which of the following is the largest island ? cuba great britain greenland sri lanka
1691 the panama canal links atlantic ocean with pacific ocean indian ocean- pacific ocean north sea and baltic sea south atlantic ocean
1692 the smallest country in south africa in uraguay guyana surinam ecuador
1693 pyongyang is the capital of sakhalin taiwan north korea south korea
1694 equator passes through which one of the following countries ? america australia brazil china
1695 the capital city of fiji is perth suva adelaide viti lewu
1696 lima is the capital of boliva chile argentina peru
1697 which of the following countries is situated near atlantic ocean ? australia russia u.s.a none of these
1698 which of the following set of country were merged to from u.a.r. ? syria and libya syria and egypt egypt and libya egypt and sudan
1699 the gulf of mannar is located in the arabian sea bering sea bay of bengal indian ocean
1700 which one of the following cities is the capital of japan ? beijing kyato nagasaki tokyo