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GK Question

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1701 which of the following strait connects black sea and the sea of marmara ? palk strait malacca strait bosphorus strait bering strait
1702 which is the largest gulf in the world ? the gulf of cambay the gulf of mexico the strait of hormuz none of these
1703 which of the following towns is incorrectly matched to the river on which it is situated ? vienna-thames new york-hudson cairo-nile bonn-rhine
1704 between which countries is florida strait located ? japan and korea cuba and bahamas italy and sicity canada and greenland
1705 the united kingdom consists of england and northen ireland,palma&iceland northen ireland&wales scotland wales&faeroe island scotland &wales
1706 the capital of georgia is bosnia tiblisi tusla sarajevo
1707 the earlier name of surinam was british guyana dutch guyana madagascar venezuela
1708 which of the following countries lies entirely in the southern hemisphere ? brazil kenya tanzania zaire
1709 argentina is situated in the continent of australia europe asia south america
1710 vienna is the capital of australia kenya denmark norway
1711 namibia was carlier known as south-west africa new guinea british congo british guyana
1712 which of the following is not an island cuba greenland ireland sweden
1713 the 38th parellel separates northkorea and south korea new guinea china and tibet asia and europe
1714 which of the following countries does not belong to asia ? malaysia libya japan indonesia
1715 all the island countries of australasia are situated east indies india ocean south pacific ocean west indies
1716 sundra strait separates sicily and italy java and sumatra japan and korea borneo and celedes
1717 largest archipelago in the world is maldives indonesia west indies japan
1718 nassau is the capital of maldives bahamas djakarta java
1719 the tropic of cancer does not pass through egypt india iran japan
1720 khartoum is situated as the confluence of murray and darling porena and prague tigris and euphrates white nile and blue nile
1721 which of the following states of the u.s.a once belonged to mexico ? california and texas kansas and kentucky new mexico and arkansas none of these
1722 how many states of the u.s.a.are not attached to its mainlands ? 1 2 3 4
1723 the capital city of nicaragua is brasilia caracas managua rio de janeiro
1724 oslo is the capital of sweden norway finland denmark
1725 canary island are dependencies of spain portugal germany u.k
1726 which of the following is not a frontline state ? zambia kenya brasilia managua
1727 of the following, which capital city is not situated on the banks of the river danube ? vienna belgrade belgrade rome
1728 botswana is the changed name of bosnia belgrade belgrade bachuana land
1729 golan height belonging to a country a were captured by a country b.the countries a and b are tibet and china u.s.s.r. and japan syria and israel iran and iraq
1730 mc. Mohan line demarcatesthe boundary between india and pakistan india and china india and nepal india and bangledesh
1731 the capital of tasmania is cape town hobart montevideo wellington
1732 the worlds largest ship canal is suez in egypt panama in america kiel in germany gota in sweden
1733 the interior regions of eurasia has a large number of anland seas of lakes. Which one of the following touches the boundary of iran ? aral sea lake baikal lake balkash caspian sea
1734 which of the following countries is not in north america ? coasta rica guatemala honduras morocco
1735 the national name of spain is schweiz reino de espana konungariket mesopotamia
1736 new more island is situated in the arabian sea bay of bengal indian ocean palk strait
1737 strait of florida runs in between atlantic ocean & caribbean sea gulf of mexico & caribbean sea atlantic ocean & gulf of mexico none of these
1738 which of the following countries is an archipelago ? burma malaysia the philippines vietnam
1739 british honduras is known as benin bermuda belize brunei
1740 the strait which separates asia from north america is the bering strait the palk strait the strait of gibraltar the strait of malacca
1741 nippon is the new name of hong kong japan macao taiwan
1742 17th parallel separates north and south america north and south korea north and south vietnam none of these
1743 alma ata is the capital of kazakhstan lithuania tadzhikistan uzbekistan
1744 port louris is the capital of greenland mauritius maldives argentina
1745 durand line is the border common to which two countries ? india & china india & afghanistan pakistan & afghanistan india & tibet
1746 north magnetic pole is located in canada greenland siberia victoria land
1747 which of the following set of countries are completely surrounded by land ? libya,zambia mongolia,zambia paraguay,syria syria,paraguay
1748 argentina has shifted its capital from buenos aires to san miguel de tucuman rosiaro rio negro cordoba
1749 which of the following is not african country ? angola botswana chad nicaragua
1750 which of the following countries is south africa is largest in areas ? chile bolivia brazil argentina
1751 the capital of swizerland is bern dhaka moscow muscut
1752 ulan bator is the capital of cape verde chad comoros mongolia
1753 the equator passes through which of the following continents ? africa australia europe north america
1754 the largest island in the india ocean is madagascar maldives sri lanka sumatra
1755 sava is the capital of which of the following countries ? canada west indies south africa fiji
1756 kigali is the capital of which of the following countries ? haiti rwanda south africa yemen
1757 kampala is the capital of zambia uganda kenya none of these
1758 beriut is the capital of which of the following countries ? peru lebanon libya mongolia
1759 the yellow sea is located in u.s.s.r north pacific ocean u.s.a chile
1760 which of the following is not a capital city ? canberra islamabad mexico new york
1761 which one of the following countries has the longest international boundary with india ? bangladesh bhutan china pakistan
1762 the capital of turkey is ankara lasbon mahe tunis
1763 the number of metropolitan cities according to 1991 census ? 7 9 12 23
1764 which is the administrative capital of south africa ? cape town jahannesburg kimberlry pretoria
1765 which of the following set of countries and capitals are aicorrectly matched ? bangladesh-bhutan kenya-australia belgium-belmopan chile-santiago
1766 the smallest country in south america is uraguay surinam guyana equator
1767 international boundary between india and pakistan is demarcated by mc mohan line durand line radcliffe line maginot line
1768 hawaiian island are located in south pacific ocean north pacific ocean south atlantic ocean north atlantic ocean
1769 anman is the capital of which country ? jordan egypt iran iraq
1770 maastricht is in holland great britain germany denmark
1771 which of the following is the smallest independent country in the world ? bhutan china bangladesh vatican city
1772 the length of suez canal is approximately 110 km 150km 175 km 125 km
1773 the ocean between america and europe is called ? pacific atlantic arctic none of these
1774 which of the following is not a european country ? vanezuela albania libya algeria
1775 ljublajana is the part of yugoslavia portugal romania russia
1776 tirana is the capital of the country known as hungary bangladesh albania libya
1777 fiji island are a part of indonesia malaysia polynesia australasia
1778 zimbabwe was formerly known as gold-coast rhodesia south and west africa zanzibar
1779 the strait connecting arabian sea and the bay of bengal is bering strait dover strait palk strait vermosa strait
1780 bonn is the capital of botswana hungary germany bulgaria
1781 myanmar is a new name of burma philippines thailand vietnam
1782 f the following,the country which is not in ceeania is fiji barbados new zealand papua new guinea
1783 the capital city of nicaragua is caracas brasilia rie de janeiro managua
1784 amongst the following which is the largest island in the world ? new guinea new zealand japan russia
1785 chernobyl is in rumania u.s.a. u.s.s.r czechoslovakia
1786 which of the following countries has the longest land frontiers ? u.s.s.r china u.s.a. japan
1787 the kalahari deserts which stretches over 1,40,000 miles is in south america india australia south africa
1788 radcliffe line is a boundary line between india and bangladesh india and china india and pakistan french and gernany
1789 which of the following countries is correctly matched to its capital ? maldives-port louis kenya-nairobi laos-la paz all of these
1790 which of the following is the capital of bosnia harzegovina ? belgrade sarajevo zagreb none of these
1791 which of the following is not a deserts ? gobi kalahari sahara cotopaxi
1792 the worlds longest river is nile ganges amazon mississippi-missouri
1793 the highest waterfall of the world is niagara falls boyomar falls salto angel falls khone falls
1794 the secound highest peak in the world is kanchenjunga k-2(godwin austin) nandadevi lhotse
1795 which is the worlds largest disert ? sahara gobi ganges amazon
1796 which one of the countries is not land locked ? burma sahara amazon cotopaxi
1797 which of the following is the largest river in the world ? nile congo ganges amazon
1798 which of the following rivers flows near paris ? danube rhine thames volga
1799 which of the following is in correctly matched ? amazon-south america darling-united states lena-u.s.s.r yangtze kiang-china
1800 which of the following is a block moutain ? andes alps rocky mountains vosges
1801 which river crosses the equator twice ? amazon congo nile ganges
1802 which mountain ranges separate north european plains from great siberian plains ? kjollen mountains ural mountains carpathian mountains balkan mountains
1803 a broad channel where the water of a river and a sea mingle is called a delta an estuary a harbour a strait
1804 which of the following is the highest plateau in the world ? colorado plateau pamir plateau patogonia plateau potwar plateau
1805 the largest lake in africa is lake victoria lake malawi lake tanganyika lake chad
1806 niagara falls are in australia u.k u.s.a south africa
1807 which of the following rivers has a bird s foot delta ? the amazon the nile the mississippi the brahmaputra
1808 which of the following pairs is not correctly matched ? algeria-niger brazil-amazon iraq-tigris myanmar-irrawady
1809 which of the following rivers flowing through pakistan has its source of origin in that country itself ? ravi jhelum chenab none of these
1810 red sea & mideterranean sea are connected by black sea english channel panama canal suez canal
1811 the youngest mountain range in the world is western ghats himalayas andes alps
1812 the average elevation of tibetan plateau above sea level is 2km 3km 4km 5km
1813 which is the greatest archipelago on the globe ? japan indonesia west indies philippines
1814 which of the following is the deepest lake ? lake victoria lake malawi lake chad lake baikal
1815 which of the following is an example of midlatitude desert ? sahara desert arabian desert gobi desert patagonia desert
1816 mount everest the highest peak in the world is located in bhutan nepal india china
1817 which of the following is the smallest ocean ? india atlantic arctic pacific
1818 which of the following is wrongly matched ? baghdad-tigris cairo-rhine london-thames new york-hudson
1819 largest mountain range is the world is himalayas andes karakoram ural mountains
1820 which of the following lake does not lie in u.s.s.r ? aral baikal balkash huron
1821 which of the following deserts does not lie in the northen hemisphere ? gobi kalahari sahara thar
1822 which river has the largest drainage basin ? nile mississippi congo amazon
1823 which is the largest fresh water lake in the world ? lake malawi lake victoria lake tanganyika lake superior
1824 which of the following pairs is correct? north appalachian-west germany ruhr basin-u.s.s.r sheffield-england none of these
1825 which set of two rivers from the worlds largest delta before their water flow into the respective seas? rhine-seine nile-euphrates ganges-brahmaputra danube-thames
1826 the youngest mountain range is the world is himalayas andes alps karakoram
1827 khyber pass is in bhutan india pakistan china
1828 the hawaii island are the top of submerged block mountain folded mountains volcanic mountains dome mountain
1829 which is the largest gulf in the world ? the gulf of cambay the persian gulf the gulf of mexico none of these
1830 which of the following pairs is correctly? ross island-south america andes-australia altai-africa alps-europe
1831 which mountain pass is not in the alps? st.bernard bolan st.gothard simplon
1832 which of the following cities is incorrectly matched to the river on which it is situated ? budapest-river danube baghdad-river tigris amsterdam-river amsel alexandria-river niger
1833 on the bank of which river is new york situted? river colorado river hudson river mississippi river amazon
1834 malaspine glacier is in alaska canada narway u.s.s.r
1835 which of the following cities is situated on river nile? addis abada khartoum kinshasa nairobi
1836 the hottest place in the world is teheran,iran jaisalmer,india dallol,ethiopia azizia,libya
1837 on 22nd december which pass has the longest day and shortest night ? madras moscow madrid melbourne
1838 what is the main activity of eskimos during the short period of summer season ? fishing lumbering animal grazing hunting
1839 the country that has the greategt length of the day during summer is australia mexico nigeria norway
1840 the lowest winter temperature in the world is of ottawa mexico city moscow verkhoyansk
1841 climate is extreme,rainfall is scanty and the people used to be nomadic hoarders.for which region in this statement correct ? africa savanna central asia steppes siberian tundra north america prairies
1842 the lowest temperature of air,at any place in recorded just before sunrise just after sunset at midnight at 2 am
1843 china type of climate prevails in china,korea and vietnam southern china and vietnam central china,north china and southern japan north china,u.s.s.r,and japan
1844 for region which are influenced by the on-shore trade winds all thr year round without any monsoon variation are sad to have a climate of china type gulf type natal type equable type
1845 in which of the following types to climate does the temperature never rise above 10 degree C throughout the year ? cotinental climate tundra climate mediterranean climate taiga climate
1846 the climate of a place depends upon its distance from the equator its height above sea level both the above neither of the above
1847 the region which does not receive most of its rainfall during winter is central california central north america south west africa south west australia
1848 the hottest part of china is summer is gobi desert si rever tarim basin tibetan plateau
1849 the equatorial regions receive rainfall throughout the year 80 cms 160 cm 200 cm 250 cm
1850 the climate of a place is decided by proximity to the sea altitude latitude all the above
1851 monsoon effect is also experienced in east africa nile basin south africa west africa
1852 which one of the countries celebrates christmas festival in summer season ? australia canada mexico italy
1853 in which season is the frequency of tropical cyclones in the bay of bengal maximum ? during autumn after summer during winter during monsoon
1854 of the following countries the one which has the mediterranean climate is u.s.a italy chile australia
1855 gulf type of climate is found in south eastern u.s.a. u.k north west africa iran
1856 which one of the following parts of the world does not receive rainfall through the year ? europe north america polar region west africa
1857 annual range of temperature is maximum in sub tropical region polar region middle latitudes equatorial region
1858 the greatest average annual precipitation is in hawaii india philippines west indies
1859 which of the following has a sudan type of climate ? italy,spain columbia,burma china,argentina arabian ,iran
1860 which of the climate type suffers a change due to shifting of the worlds pressure belts ? equatorial type tundra type tropical desert type mediterranean type
1861 the climate best suited for horticulture is equatorial mediterranean tundra monsoon
1862 the gretest one year precipitation is in south africa india italy u.s.a
1863 if there is high rainfall, abundant sunshine, gently sloping land ahd well drained soil, for which crop are the condition most suitable ? jute rice sugarcane tea
1864 t warm temperture 200mm of rainfall slopy region and loamy soil is needed for the cultivation of coffee jute rice sugar
1865 which of the following soil is very herd to cultivate ? alluvial black red sandy
1866 which of the following countries is included the north west pacific fishing gtounds ? norway new foundland netherland japan
1867 which of the following pairs incorrect ? u.s.s.r-potato china-cotton u.k-maize u.s.s.r-wheat
1868 the country having the largest areas under tes cultivation is brazil u.s.s.r bangladesh india
1869 which country is likely to overtake india in tea production in the world by the end of the century ? china japan u.s.s.r bangladesh
1870 which country is the largest producer of milk in the world ? u.s.a india brazil u.k
1871 the important feature of shifting cultivation is culivation by transplantation culivation of leguminous crops change of culivation site rotating the crop
1872 fertility of soil can be improved by adding living earthworms adding dead eartworms removing dead eartworms none of these
1873 the crop associated with retting process is wheat rice jute cotton
1874 which is a not a tuber crop ? groundnut sugarbeet sweet beet sweet potato
1875 the largest figh exporting in the world is the south-east asian region the north-east asian region the north-west pacific region the north-east pacific region
1876 tn which of the following regions plantation agriculture is largely practised ? subtropical semi-arid tropical temperate
1877 worlds largest producer of jute is bangladesh india brazil u.k
1878 viticulure refers to the production of orange olives grapes figs
1879 which of the following crops is highly sensitive to frost ? rice maize cotton barley
1880 marino sheep rearing is the predominant pastoral activity in australia argentina denmark sweden
1881 the worlds largest producer of wool is u.s.a india bangladesh u.k
1882 the soil formed by the deposition of silt brought by river is alluvial soil red soil black soil pod soil
1883 the first country to undertake banana cultivation was india australia jamaica sweden
1884 which of the following countrise leads in the production of coffee ? brazil italy sweden australia
1885 under which climate conditions do the laterite soila develop wet tropical climate hot and dry climate cold temperate climate all of these
1886 commercial fishing is best develop in south korea russia japan china
1887 the beverage crops are mainly cultivated in the mediterrance lands semi-desert areas tropical land polar areas
1888 which of the following is not a cash crop ? cotton groundnut jowar jute
1889 which part of the tea plant is used for making tea ? root stem leaves flower
1890 dry farming is a methode of farming on hilly areas devolpment of dryland a methode of farming without irrigation cultivation in desert land
1891 which of the following is a correct arrangement of soil in the order of decreasing particle size ? gravel,sand and clay sand, graveland sity silt,sand and clay cray,gravel and silt
1892 main hunting ground for blue whales is located in artarctic region arctic ocean indian ocean atlantic ocean
1893 which of the following types of soils have a marked capacity of retain water ? desert soil laterite soil red soil regur soil
1894 which of the following soils has the charecterstics of being gererally clayey deep and impermeable ? laterite desert black alluvial
1895 which of the following countries is the largest producer of rice ? china india japan u.s.a
1896 which crop is generally show to restore and maintain soil fertility ? barley jowar maize pulses
1897 which type of soil is best suited for cultivation of groundnut ? alluvial soil red soil black soil light sandy
1898 the formation of which of the following soils results from the leaching away cf the siliceous matter of the rocks? red laterite desert black
1899 which of the following is the leading producers of rice ? australia argentina china cuba
1900 the country which leads in the production of rubber is australia malaysia thailand indonesia
1901 major wheat and rice producing area in china is hwang-ho basin yangtse-basin si-kiang basin south east coast
1902 which of the following is the largest irrigation canal in the world ? panama canal sirhind canal suez canal indra gandhi canal
1903 which of the following is a tropical monsoon crop ? wheat rice cotton maize
1904 the largest producer of tea in the world is cuba china india japan
1905 which one of the following is not a cash crop cotton groundnut sugarcane none of these
1906 which one of the following crops has the longest duration between its sowing and harvesting ? sugarcane wheat mustard paddy
1907 the soil best suited for the growth of deep rooted crops is alluvial soil regur soil light sandy red soil
1908 which of the following type of soil has the property of holding moisture for release to plants during dry period red black alluvial laterite
1909 preening is associated with the cultivation of coffee rubber cashew tea
1910 which of the following is not a root plant ? carrot coffee turnip sweet potato
1911 which of the following soils is most suitable for cultivation of cereals ? alluvial soil laterite soil red soil regur soil
1912 sugar beet is produced maximum in africa europe asia none of these
1913 90% of the worlds rice grown in america africa asia united kingdom
1914 the worlds largest firhing ground is in indian ocean north-west pacific north-west atlantic north-east atlantic
1915 rubber needs about�..rainfall 100-200cm 200-250cm 250-300cm 350-400cm
1916 which of the following is not among the four largest jute producing countries ? india nepal bangladesh thailand
1917 the soil which is a mixture of sand clay and silt is known as loamy soil red soil sandy soil desert soil
1918 the suitable climate for olive is that of south-east u.s.a scadinavian peninsula countries bordering mediterranean sea countries bordering atlantic ocean
1919 which of the following is the largest irrigation canal in the world ? apiculture-bee keeping pisciculture-fish rearing sylviculture-silkworm rearing none of these
1920 which of the followingis the largest irrigation canal in the world ? sirhind canal panama canal suez canal indra gandhi canal
1921 which of the following is not a plantation crop ? coffee rubber cashew sugarcane
1922 which of the following countries is the largest producer of sugar in the world ? india nepal china cuba
1923 which of the following soils is best suited for cotton ? clayey alluvial regur red
1924 paddy cannot be grown in sandy soil decause it is poor in nutrients it is loose in structure it cannot hold water nonr of the above
1925 what type of farming is practiced in the densely populated regions in the world ? commerical farming extensive farming intensive farming plantation farming
1926 which of the following soils has low humus content ? alluvial clayey black desetic
1927 which of the following is a cash crop ? maize potato rubber gram
1928 india is the one of the most important producers of sugarcane.it accounts for what percentage of the world production ? 25% 40% 50% 60%
1929 among the following the fast growing tree is arecanut coconut eucalyptus mango
1930 which of the following types of agriculture a patch of ground is cleared through fire and cultivated for a short time ? cammerical agriculture settled agriculture shifting agriculture subsistence agriculture
1931 the largest entreport in asia is colombo hongkong macao singapore
1932 in the international trade of timber the first position is export in taken by north america australia europe hongkong
1933 the canals is the western europe are mainly used for irrigation inland navigation ship buliding trade
1934 the karakoram highways connects which of the following pairs of countries ? india- nepal china -pakistan india -pakistan china - nepal
1935 the busiest inland waterway of europe is r. volga r.rhine r.danube none of these
1936 which is the meaning of embargo ? banning exports restriction on imports order that forbids trade stopping of island trade
1937 the highway connecting sikiang in china with occupied kashmir is pak- clina highway friendship highway siachin highway karakoram highway
1938 which of the folowing groups of countries is the principal importer of india foods ? australia,india,u,k canada,australia,india, u.s.a,u.k,u.s.s.r italy ,japan
1939 the ports which receive a large amount of transit cargo are known as outports entreports ports of calls packet station
1940 k.l.m a world wide airline belongs to which of the following countries ? france australia australia the netherlands
1941 which of the following is the longest railway tunnel ? st.gothard east finchley (london) cascade simplon
1942 in which of the following products has bangladesh emerged as the main campetitor of india in the world market ? cement cotton garments jute none of these
1943 india railway network is the fourth largest in the world standing next to u.s.a,u.s.s.r, canada australia,india,u,k canada,australia,india, japan,china ,u.k
1944 economy of brazil is mostly dependent on tea coffee rice maize
1945 first railway line in the world was laid in western u.s.a north- east england germany u.s.s.r
1946 the busiest international airport in the world is in frankfurt london paris berlin
1947 the largest railway junction is london moscow(u.s.s.r) kharagpur(india) new york
1948 white goods are cosmetic articles basic raw material durable consumption goods none of these
1949 the first public railways was opened in england between dover cardiff stockton bristol
1950 which one of the following is the largest enterport of the world ? london australia france singapore
1951 largest exporter of rice in the world is burma china india u.s.s.r
1952 the most important sea port of norway is kristiansand oslo bergen stavanger
1953 from the point of view of international trade bahrein islands are noted for petroleaum and iron and steel ship building pear fishing fishing
1954 which is the busiest of ocean trade routes ? north pacific ocean indian ocean arctic ocean north atlantic ocean
1955 which of the ports of soviet union is naturally ice free ? riga baku murmansk leningrad
1956 broad roads in the u.s.a on which all the vechile moves only in one direction are known as highways superways motels broadways
1957 the main exporter of copper is belgium ghana morocco zambia
1958 which of the ports of u.s.s.r is a port of five seas ? moscow baku odessa leningrad
1959 which city is served by diamond harbour ? bombay calcutta rangoon all of these
1960 the worlds largest ship canal is suez in egypt panama in america kiel in germany gota in sweden
1961 worlds highest urban density of population occurs in calcutta tokyo new york london
1962 in which of the following countries about 10% of the population in christian ? bangladesh iran iraq syria
1963 which country has the highest density of population per sq km ? sri lanka pakistan burma bangladesh
1964 in which the following countries two-thirds of the population is concentrated in six of its major cites ? australia bangladesh new york ghana
1965 which among the following is the most populous city in the world ? calcutta mexico city tokyo baku
1966 which country has the largest population ? australia china france u.s.s.r
1967 the most populated city in the world is london cairo new york tokyo
1968 the country which the highest density of population in europe is belgium france italy portugal
1969 most of the people of the middle east belong to���group of people negro nordic alpine mediterranean
1970 the least densely populated country among the following countries of europe is poland norway germany belgium
1971 which continent has the highest population ? asia africa europe none of these
1972 on which of the following rivers is london situated ? mississippi rhine thames darling
1973 in the total population of southafrica,asians costitute about 1% 2.5% 5.5% 11%
1974 which continent has the highest density of population ? asia africa europe north africa
1975 which is the present annual growth rate of the world population ? 1.7% 2.1% 2.3% 2.6%
1976 which of the following countries have achieved a negative growth rate of population ? u.s.a,u.s.s.r, canada australia,india,u,k canada,australia,india, u.k, sweden and germany
1977 the growth of population in certain sparsely populated areas can be accounted by high birth rate low death rate emmigration all of these
1978 which among the following is the most populous city in the world ? calcutta mexico city tokyo baku
1979 which country has the largest population ? australia u.s.s.r france china
1980 which part of europe is most densely populated ? eastern europe western europe northen europe area around the black sea
1981 more than half of the worlds population is concentrated in north america africa asia none of these
1982 which of the following regions is sparsely populated ? south-western u.s.a island of java western europe southern part of japan
1983 what approximately is the percentage of the world population concentrated in asia ? 17% 39% 58% 73%
1984 the world poulition crossed the five billion marks in 1960 1973 1987 1993
1985 which cannot be a region for sparse population in any area ? excessive cold high altitude inaccessibility excessive pollution
1986 finns are the inhabitants of tundra of europe taiga of u.s.s.r congo basin saudi arabian
1987 which of the following groups of people does not reside in the tundra region ? eskimo gaucho samoyeds yakuts
1988 what is the average density of population in the world 27 37 32 221
1989 aborigines are the original inhabitants of north america australia asia africa
1990 the movement og slaves from africa to north and south america is an example of internal migration involuntary migration short term migration none of these
1991 which is the present annual growth rate of the world population ? 1.7% 2.1% 2.3% 2.6%
1992 which country has the highest density of population per sq km ? sri lanka bangladesh australia mexico city
1993 maoris are the inhabitants of nigeria egypt brazil new zealand
1994 what is the principal reason for the dense population in north west europe and north east america ? growth of manufacturing industries advancement of agriculture both a and b all of these
1995 which of the following region of the world is most thickly populated ? east asia south asia north america north west asia
1996 which of the following forms the largest racial group in the world ? caucasoids australoids negroids mongoloids
1997 the percentage of white population in south africa is 70% 49% 30% 19%
1998 contours are lines connecting places having equal temperture equal pressure equal rainfall equal height
1999 kerosene oil is an example of vegetable oil essential oil mineral oil natural oil